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Israeli diplomacy is damaging its intelligence agencies' reputation

Israel has been relegated to the status of the mistress who isn't invited to appear in polite (and hypocritical ) company.

By Amir Oren
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Letitia Long, a civilian with the status of a three-star general, is the most senior woman in the American intelligence community. Long is director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency which is responsible for visual intelligence - aerial and satellite photographs, mapping, imaging and producing accurate models for mission training. Her role in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden received wide professional praise.

Not long before that operation, and without any connection to it, Long visited Israel and met with the director of Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and other senior officials. When she returned home, she instructed the agency to devote the July-August edition of its bimonthly journal, Pathfinder, to the topic of "partnerships around the world."

The journal was published this week. Its cover is decorated with the flags of dozens of nations whose intelligence apparatuses have some type of partnership with the NGA: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and numerous others.

Israel is not mentioned anywhere in the magazine. This wasn't an absent minded omission, but an expression of embarrassment. They are embarrassed to have Israel as a partner. They aren't embarrassed to get intelligence from Israel, just not publicly.


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Israel - whose leaders complained decades ago that the country was being treated like a mistress, and had since enjoyed a period of being put on proud and public display - has been relegated once again to the status of the mistress who isn't invited to appear in polite (and hypocritical ) company.


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Because of the bin Laden assassination and the fact that CIA director Leon Panetta has become U.S. defense secretary, the decision makers in Washington are relating to the U.S. intelligence agencies with more respect. The data these agencies submit will inform the working premises of these officials - no matter what Israeli experts, real or imagined, will say.

A summary of the data is offered in the CIA's open annual report. In this report, which is updated frequently, it emerges that there is near-equality in the dem Sea, with some 6 million Jews, as opposed to 5.7 million Arabs. While one would expect that demographers from the Israeli right will dispute these figures and the trends they portend, this data will be the foundation for determining policy in Washington.



The CIA, meanwhile, counts some 300,000 Jews in the West Bank and 200,000 in East Jerusalem. Half a million people, nearly the size of some veteran U.S. cities. It would be much too difficult to relocate five-sixths of the population of Boston or Baltimore, thus, with no realistic alternative, there will be an exchange of territorial strips, without increasing the size of the State of Israel.

This reality, which U.S. intelligence is presenting to the senior echelons, will not change, even if Barack Obama is creamed in the 2012 elections and replaced by a Republican who eats Arabs for breakfast. No American president is going to allow any Israeli prime minister to avoid making the tough decisions. Maps with tentative borders, along the Green Line and in the Golan Heights, are ready and waiting in the safes of the CIA and the NGA.

These American intelligence agencies serve the president, the US Armed Forces, and Congress. Are Kochavi and his colleagues at Israeli intelligence informing their superiors and the public of the reality in all its severity? Or have they learned from the onslaught against their predecessors - Gabi Ashkenazi, Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin -- that it's preferable to be silent, even if it means being a silent partner to the impending disaster?


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For Netanyahu, saving Israel's deserts is all about settlements

Netanyahu insists on seeing nature and landscape as no more than an obstacle to the realization of his settlement vision.

By Zafrir Rinat (Yea,Yea Yea; But Israel@Settlements@West Bank expanding@denying viable Palestine is Humanity's bother.As leading to DARK SIDE@finally threatining@DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace.)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week cleared his calendar, crowded with security-related and political crises, and devoted almost an entire day to the Dead Sea. He toured the area and discussed issues pertaining to conservation of the Dead Sea and tourist development at its southern end.


For a moment, it appeared that Netanyahu was at one with environmental groups and activists, devoting ceaseless efforts to save what is left of the majestic landscapes of the shrinking salty lake. The prime minister even voted with his ministers for the Dead Sea as one of the natural wonders of the world.

But Netanyahu came to his senses very quickly, and turned out to be as solid as a rock not only with regard to the right of the Jewish people to settle their land, but also in his insistance on seeing nature and landscape as no more than an obstacle to the realization of his settlement vision.




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Alarming rise in clashes between settlers and Palestinians in West Bank

IDF commanders concerned situation in territories may deteriorate further with diplomatic crisis looming in September when Palestinians make bid for UN recognition.

By Chaim Levinson and Amos Harel

The IDF is alarmed by the increase in clashes in the West Bank between Palestinian villagers and settlers in nearby outposts and by the growing harassment of senior army officers and civil servants by right-wing extremists.

The commanders are concerned that the situation may deteriorate even further with the diplomatic crisis looming in September when Palestinians make their bid for UN recognition.

Settlers throw stones in response to attack - AP

Settlers throwing stones near the West Bank village of Hawara, in response to the Itamar attack.

Photo by: AP


Last week settlers burned a Palestinian field in the West Bank village of Burin, destroying more than 400 trees, after two Palestinians had stolen a car belonging to a settler from the nearby Yitzhar settlement.

Police arrested a number of suspects - the arson was video-taped from a distance by a Palestinian B'Tselem activist. But the court released the suspects for lack of evidence.

On the same day, Yitzhar's secretariat sent a threatening letter to the mayor of the nearby village of Hawara, issuing a 24-hour ultimatum to return the stolen car and turn in the thieves. Otherwise, the letter warned, "it will be impossible to stop the residents' rage."




Homes in Gilo approved

In another development, the Jerusalem municipality yesterday approved a plan to build hundreds of new homes for Jews in Gilo, a neighborhood built over the Green Line in South Jerusalem, a council member said.

Elisha Peleg told Reuters that Jerusalem city planning commission had approved building plans for 900 new units in Gilo.

Palestinians say the enclaves could deny them a viable state.

"I see no difference between Gilo and any other neighbourhood in Jerusalem. Jews have the right to build anywhere in the city," said Peleg, a member of the planning commission.


Reuters contributed to this report


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