10:18 AM Great news 1st.;E-here@now@1st E-seen;My E-windows from yes.still showing@E-screen.

While;Arab attendent that assisted me@shower yes. morning;then clothed me & sent me off to breakfast@dining & lounge room,apparently lifted away my $6.50 watch,that I took off & left on my bed,prior to my shower.


Coming up;my AM@limited E-time acumen grab@'jour gems' for Humanity from current journalism.


Later;As E-time remaining;my continuation of U.S.@Triumphant Humanity Preservation manifesto;as begun@Tues@Day@yesterday.


Enjoy your restorative sleep;to wake up @ G O O D     D A W N      A M E R I C A.


To Life!=לחיים          M I C H A E L         PRIORITY      1       LIFE

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