10:30 AM Native U.S. +7-10; I Charge our United States of America with Conspiracy for my Murder Insured@early 1990! For my Humanity Preservation,essentionaly,public campaining!

Almost ALL wanting not chaging;for past bad behavior!


For dreshing up@bured to be forgotten.




For our U.S. Cardinal Crime!


Smoking Gun@Proof;Part of parcel of our U.S. Cardinal Crime against our United States of America;Sacred Yearnings@Dedication!


Expressed@start of our Reveared; DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE;


".. Hold these TRUTHS to be Self-Evident...that ALL are Endowed by our Creator..with Unalianable Rights...including...LIFE, LIBERTY & The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS"!


          P R I O R I T Y     1       LIFE


My Full page ad;that sparked U.S. Military Command  order our CIA to 'See Me Dead'Headlined;


    L I F E    I N    C H R I S T C H U R C H  I S  S A C R E D,    P R E C I O U S   &   V I T A L


Pardon Native America;With my ALS Weakness;coming on after all my takes@Introductury last post; I'll cut to the chace;


Our Humanity Superpower AMERICA; Which hand do you wish to play?


The,as present,U.S.@Democracy ,effective, Seduced for DARK SIDE for HUMANITY coming on; Culminating@Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace.


Or;My PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U S. Triumphant, ME LIFE Redemption Plan.


For;LIFE,LIBERTY & PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for Humanity@advanced future;Native America;Please investigate my PRIORITY 1 LIFE,latter!


MY U.S. Triumphant;mid-2011,Manifesto;concludes@LiveCloud.com@11:46 AM +7-10@here.


To Life!=לחיים.          Michael          PRIORITY     1     LIFE


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