10:58 AM; Adding more for my U.S. Triumphant@Humanity for Preservation Manifestio;

(Nationwide Drill note; @Warbling siren heard(@All Israel);,while finishing up my Headline above; I was wheeled to an ostensibly protected area on this 3rd floor,where I was moved from floor 5 yesterday;(this floor where synagogue,my E@Use & paperbacks on balance,providing me with better resonsive service) but I was wheeled a bit to far;unacceptably exposed to room windows;just about 30 feet .


This has been a Nationwide Protection Drill Excercise. Now back on E@11:35 AM.While for luch here@12:30 PM;This addition to my Manifestio shoud conclude my morning dedication@E today.)


15 June 2011 05:02

While;Day by day to month by month to years & decades; Israel's settlement expansion@West Bank;continues unabated;Denying Viable Palestine.


And if our U.S.@Democracy,effectivlely ,Seduced;thinks ;that leaving Israel to design Palistine;will solve anything.


That's Fallacy! Only leading to The DARK SIDE for Humanity;with near-term mass-terrorism;planned for U.S. Homeland,in revulsion;Billion + Humanity Strike;starting here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities;Metastifying to Humany DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace!

(Till here@now:


What Damn right do I have to make such DARK SIDE for Humanity accussions ?


Simply;For@our Humanity advanced Recognings;even now@Circa 11;


(Mighty) Israel@continuing Expansion of Settlements;instead of allowing Independent Viable Palestine is growing percieved as if' A festering Sore to Humanity Preservation@Stability!   It must be countered; As Humanity Preservation@Stability Demands!


(Wed. morn. Wed, Jun 22, 2011   20 Sivan 5771 contiuence.)


MIGHT MAKES RIGHT once worked like a charm.


A familar example;


Around a Century & a half back: There was US concentrated@North East Mid-North America;with 'Expansion Urge' rife for West & South  to the Pacific Ocean.


But multitudes of American Indians,indegious on America,in the way!


So first we concocted a Spiritial Sounding legend giving impression that GOD wanted our US to expand Westward to the Pacfic Ocean.;


We called it ,'The Manifest Destiny' (Note,to be supiconsly erased note;Now @12:11 PM; 2 minute warning for my being wheeled over to dining room & lounge for lunch,to be E-continued@afternoon,she said.)


So I interum Post;Now@12:16 PM.


To Life!=לחיים.   Michael



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