11 PM Downtown; Passover is past here;But continuing for next day@rest of our world.IBA English TV Newscast+ of 5PM today;E-View@iba.org.il;Then IBA World;Then IBA News:next 19- hours.

Start: In Syria developments -1:15


Lybia developments. -1:55


Syria remunerations CNN report.-5 minutes


Israel asks PAL to investigate of the killing yesterday a Jew near Nablus.-5:30


Hamas threatens for more kidnappings.-6:05



Report: Hamas seeking to kidnap more IDF soldiers

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Israeli shot dead by PA policeman in Nablus laid to rest in Jerusalem

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PM demands PA take harsh action against perpetrators of Nablus attack

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On US efforts to restart peace talks & **details. -7 minutes



PLO official: Serious negotiations would avert appeal to UN on state

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Then;** Prof. Uzi Rabi of TA University on Israel problems of PAL  Declaring a State.. -11:30


Egypt will move former Pres. Mubarak to military prison. -11:56


Iran Busar reactor struck with a 2nd computer virus.-12:30


***CNN sophisticated report on Drone War fer,coming on line-15:45


Environmental important for peace talks; **Gideon Bromberg,Israel Dir., Friends of the Earth ME,explains. -18:57


The Mimunal celebrations after Passover.-19:55


Gallop poll shoes 63% of Israeles are satisfied with their lives. U.S. less.-20:35


Sports: Soccer     Weather      &    Closing


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