1:16 PM till 2PM; Well;What you know;Comparing Bibi@Congress with Diem of past Vietnam & General Douglas MacArthur;

  • Published 01:34 05.06.11
  • Latest update 01:34 05.06.11

Netanyahu's success in Congress may come with a price

If Obama is re-electhted next year, don't be surprised if he treats Netanyahu as a member of the Republican-Likud team.

By Leon Hadar
Care for a Brain Twister@stimulating your mind@this early AM on Sunday? Or better yet; Put it off till later,when your wide awake.;
  • Published 01:34 05.06.11
  • Latest update 01:34 05.06.11

Instead of a stick, time to give Iran the carrot

Iran is a more rational state than Yemen or Libya, it is more democratic than Saudi Arabia, and has a more stable system than Pakistan.

By Zvi Bar'el
I humbly admit,just 2 'jour gems' is not haedly enough for acumems appitite.
But it's now 1:50 PM;Giving me just 10 minutes more to check my E-mail.
Have a great & safe Sunday;my native A M E R I C A!
I may have an unusal@now opportunity for numerous hours@E;tomorrow.
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