1:16 PM Uptake notes: PRIORITY 1 LIFE Cell-phone back in operation for Humanity calls to my Voice@Int. 972;or Israel 0;Then 50-4113085.

And@Dead Night past;I woke for the 2nd time,to go to my room's bathroom.But;When rolling of my bed,as usual;I did'nt land I my kness,where I can grab on the bed,to stand. landing on my a.s;where I can't,by myself,easily stand.


My neibour bed patient called out that I fell.So attendents came in;picked me up;placed me on my bed;then raised wooded slats;imprisoning me on my bed.


I protested,that I had to go to the bathroom.So he retured a minute later & fitted me with an adult diaper.


Finally@that personel saga;All desk officals remarked to me on my recent falls; Asking or Telling me;"Would't it be better(if we changed from a rolling walker) ,for me,to a wheelchair?!


I respnded with a resonding,"NO!" So,for now;they've dropped of their suggesion;that I move over to a wheelchair;as bulk of patiets here use.


I can't say how much E-time,I have left@this Occupational Therapy Office,adjacent to synagogue here,this Israel Tues@Day afternoon.


But I'll next post,as true;to my acumen urge;this past overnight.


Just@2 paragraphs above,reminding me that Tues@Day is@Jewish legend;'Lucky!'


For in first chapter in Geneses@Old Testament; GOD is reported to have remarked,"It was Good",twice on Tues@Day in that biblical 'Creation,Mid-Week Days.While only remarking,"It was Good", once;on hose Mid-Week Creation Days.


Here on LiveCloud.com Body box;It's now 2:05 PM;I May just last@this computer;until 4 PM@usual lateness.


To Life!=לחיים.         Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE


Upcoming over here@LifeCloud.com;   A Glorious   D A W N     A M E R I C A


While over here@Israel;they say; Our Moon will show a Command performance;tonight.

As only to be seen;fine by naked eyes;just once;every 20 years.




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