12:12 PM@High East A;Happy New Jewish month of Eiyar All;From last dusk for 47 hours.

As Chicago rabbi related,while driving to his AM Kollel lecture;'Last night his children prepared for him a 'Seudat Haiyada = Thankfuuly Feast for saving life.'


All see;For last New Jewish month of Eiyar;He was violently robbed@home.Getting 2 ribs broken & robbed about $100,400..


Now that happened 13 months ago;as we had a leap Jewish year;adding an extra month. As many may recently remember;Jewish months of Adar 1 & Adar 2,just recently.


Now@12:30 PM; My E-invite presentation begins;8 clear minutes walk from this student computer.


But I'll Be E-Back in a couple of hours; intermediately,until 10:30 PM +,unless knowing Security spots me;But they shouldn't;as I'll sit@computer,obsured from entrance door,by a column.


12:37 PM; Better get away to see what my E-invite presentation is about.


 G O O D    D A W N    approaching   A M E R I C A .


To Life!=לחיים    Pronounced  Le  Chaim


Michael of the upper West side.


Originally  Manhattan,


Now Jerusalem.





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