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The mission now has transformed into one of keeping peace long enough to orchestrate the massive drawdown of troops and machines accumulated over eight years of fighting, and to prepare an Iraqi security force capable of curbing the sectarian fighting that some fear could plunge the country into civil war. It is a mission that does not result in many casualties — 36 Americans have died since Sept. 1 — but the threat is continuous and real.

Top US military officials say the troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year, leaving behind a country able to take care of itself. But among some of the troops, there is less certainty. The fledgling Iraqi Air Force contains cadets who have never driven a car much less a fighter plane, and insurgents continue to launch attacks against the bureaucrats and security forces who form the wobbly legs of Iraqi government.

“Al Qaeda is still out there and still dangerous and still determined to murder as many people as they can,’’ said Major General Jeffrey Buchanan, the top US military spokesman in Iraq.

For the troops leading the resupply convoy on this night, the main worry is getting to Gaines Mills, a flyspeck of a base about 20 miles to the southwest, in one piece.

As the caravan moves ahead, the soldiers regard every Iraqi with suspicion. Searchlights are trained on poker-faced drivers who stop their cars while the convoy passes, and on bystanders who stand glumly by crumbling cinderblock buildings.


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The End Game in Iraq

Winding down an almost forgotten war

Casualties are much rarer now, but the risks remain real for the US forces charged with preparing Iraq to stand on its ownhttp://www.boston.com/news/wor...r_in_iraq/?page=full

The Americans — a company of the First Battalion, 14th Regiment, First Infantry Division — make do in a rambling complex of small, dusty rooms with thin, wooden walls. One room serves as the command post, another for a place to watch DVDs, and another for a double row of computers that connect the soldiers to the Internet, e-mail, and news from home. The feel is of a functional, backwoods, frat-house fortress.

At Gaines Mills, named for a Confederate victory in Virginia in 1862, soldiers are more vulnerable to hostile fire than they are on the big Iraq bases. Outside its walls, in a place where fractious cultures live above a sea of oil, the road to ethnic peace — and the creation of a homegrown military to enforce it — has been as bumpy as the roads to get here.


“I suspect that America will remain involved in this theater,’’ says Air Force Brigadier General Kurt Neubauer, who commands the 332d Air Expeditionary Wing, which protects American ground forces and assets throughout Iraq. “The question is, in what regard will we remain engaged.’’

That question has yet to be answered, although the State Department is preparing to expand an embassy that already is the largest in the world.


If Iraqi leaders believe their security is inadequate, none has yet called for US troops to stay past Dec. 31.

To do so, at great personal risk, would be hugely unpopular — and possibly a death sentence — in a country where the anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who helped broker the current coalition government, is adamant that the Americans depart on schedule.



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While near half Century of Defiance@expanding Settlements;instead of allowing for Viable Palestine;as prerequisate for staving off ,future@advanced DARK SIDE for Humanity ;


Highlighting mass-terrorism planned@Homeland U.S. in revulsion;followed by Billion+ Strike;Starting here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities.Finally metastifyning to Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace;


There are many illustrations of American exceptionalism, but one of the most striking is the solidarity with Israel that is such an abiding feature of US opinion. That solidarity is deep-rooted and durable; it cuts across age and sex and party line; and it is mirrored in the views of America’s elected officials.

The thunderous reception Prime Minister Netanyahu received on Capitol Hill last week was as heartfelt as anything in American politics can be. It reflected the kinship of common values that links the greatest liberal democracy in the world with one of the smallest — and that has done so since Harry Truman recognized the embattled state of Israel within minutes of its birth 63 years ago this month.



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