2:36 PM; For Humanity Preservation Seriously:My native America;just wince@Israel's arrogace typified by the 'Ramm Emacabel, Really' piece I recently@'jour Gems' posted.

While;Day by day to month by month to years & decades; Israel's settlement expansion@West Bank;continues unabated;Denying Viable Palestine.


And if our U.S.@Democracy,effectivlely ,Seduced;thinks ;that leaving Israel to design Palistine;will solve anything.


That's Fallacy! Only leading to The DARK SIDE for Humanity;with near-term mass-terrorism;planned for U.S. Homeland,in revulsion;Billion + Humanity Strike;starting here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities;Metastifying to Humany DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace!


Again;Alas now;Office closing.


To Life!=לחיים     Michael





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