2:40 PM till 4 PM E-granted. Blimey;Sabbath morn rushing to Shabos auto. elevater opened for 15 sec. every 10 min. I felled. Then my yamulka fell on floor;so bending to pick it up;I fell again.Curtians!

So;Locked onto my bed diarited & force feeding for next 20 hours. Missing all synagoue serverses on Sat, Shabos. Until this morning when I was strapped onto a wheelchair.


I'm sure your weeked is much,much better.


Finally of above irritating Saga;@ today's 6:30 PM@synagogue Mincha Minyan prayer service; I will insist to hear or make the Havdalda spice,double wicks candle & wine or grape juice,as it will be;for the cerimony between Shabos & our week;Allowed,if missed,until Tue@Day morning.


Wheras next;Now@2:59 PM; I'll add more of my U.S. Triumphant for Humanity Preservation Manifesto.


To Life!=לחייים     Michael      PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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