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After the Obama- Netanyahu falling out

Israel must continue speaking the truth without polarizing the American public or Congress.


As the dust settles in the wake of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s dramatic altercation with President Barack Obama, one is now able to evaluate the repercussions.

Obama’s ambush of Netanyahu was utterly counterproductive.

Coming just a few weeks after the PA union with the genocidal Hamas, and recognizing the futility of the effort he had invested to placate Obama a few days earlier, Netanyahu realized that he was obliged to end the Alice in Wonderland charade and defend Israel’s needs by tell the truth – even if that entailed a public disagreement.




Are all dictators created equal?

The sharp dichotomy in America’s approach to bad guys is not merely intellectually inconsistent, it is muddled thinking.  


All this raises a pointed question: How is Assad any different from Gaddafi? Aside from their choice of hairdo, there is little to distinguish one from the other. Both are waging war on their own people, defying international norms, and brazenly committing crimes against humanity just to cling to power.

Nonetheless, one is facing indictment by the International Criminal Court, while the other is still deemed to be a potential reformer. What gives? This sharp dichotomy in America’s approach to bad guys is not merely intellectually inconsistent, it is muddled thinking.

It betrays an administration that neither understands nor appreciates the extent to which it undercuts its own standing when it can’t formulate an intelligible policy on how to deal with evil.

I applaud the United States for seeking Gaddafi’s ouster, and I wish it would do the same to Assad, but no such move appears to be in the offing.

Sadly only one conclusion can be drawn from all this: In the mind of Clinton, not all dictators are created equal. Some, it seems, are more tolerable than others.

The writer serves as chairman of Shavei Israel (www.shavei.org), a Jerusalem-based organization that assists 'lost Jews'’seeking to return to the Jewish people.




Ours is not to reason why

Cries of "national security!" and "threat to Israeli lives!" shut down all thought in this country.         




How many people still think that every cockamamie settlement looking down on Nablus, or looking down on Ramallah, is vital to national security?

Once upon a time, Israelis believed all this garbage because Moshe Dayan told them it was so, or Menachem Begin told them, or Ariel Sharon told them, or the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Southern Command of the National Security Council told them.

They were wrong. Incidentally, there were usually at least a few security mavens with lots of stars and bars on their uniforms, too, who were saying no, we don’t have to fight and conquer and build settlements everywhere, it’s not vital to our security, it’s devastating to our security – but these dissenting voices were asking Israelis not to be ruled by fear, so Israelis, as a rule, refused to listen.

Now we’re being told by the government and army that this new flotilla that’s preparing to leave for Gaza is a really dreadful threat to our security, and these Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon planning to make another run for our border are very simply an existential threat to the Jewish state, and they all must be stopped!

And if the army and government end up saying, again, that we had no choice but to shoot the people on the flotilla and shoot the people coming for the borders, even though they had no guns or bombs themselves, Israelis, again, will make their minds a blank, stand up and salute. And if and when disaster follows, they won’t be able to remember that they marched in step behind their leaders.

It would be more than a little helpful if Israelis could question authority over matters of national security before the troops are sent out, before the orders to fire are given. It would save everyone a lot of trouble if we could ask ourselves in real time instead of in retrospect: Is Sharm e-Sheikh really all it’s cracked up to be? Is coriander?

The writer blogs at Israel Reconsidered (www.israelleft.com).


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