3:02 PM Far West; My persnal story of rgese last 15 hours;Not 18 as I mentioned@end of my last post.

Last night,just after Midnight I arrived by city bus,to near my homeroom. Descending from that bus,I took a few steps forward,then my foot encoutered that bus stop embankment;So falling & stirking my head@Center lightly;drawing some blood.


Passerbys retrived my valubles,from my shirt pocket;told me to sit@that bus stop & called for an ambulance.


As there I was some bleeding,though minor; I acceded to be ambulance transported to this Far West Hospital.


Whereat no tretment,except occasional blood pressure,under my tounge measure temperature & my heart rate pulse rate.


Then@5:30 AM; A female doctor came over;asking me what day it was & where I was.


She then told me to follow her penlight to all sides Then ;lift my arms & legs@same time.


Thn telling me that they were sending me home;but needed some time to write up my paperwork.


While waiting for that for hours; I took a hot shower & partook in their light,supplied breakfast.


Come 9AM@my discharge papers ready;They presented me with a walking stick;but it's handle was loose & it was too short,for me.


So they went back to their storage room,to look for a more appropriate walking stick for me.


Returning with two wooden production;A blck & a striped brown.


I instantly selected the striped brown;now hanging@computer table side,beside me,


It strikes the ground with a noticeable wallop;While I've been visting relative,to show it off.


On my walking way to to my Health Center to submit my hosital & ambulance bills;I realized I'd be losing Thur@Day opportunity for posting & my tote bag was weighing heavy.


So I stopped off@public library newspaper reading room,along the way;Checking my tote bag there;while they close@7PM.Before my posing from there.


Their 7PM closing time is fine for me;for@6:10 PM@my Heath Center;I have my first appointment in living memory,with an  Optometrist;as per my doctor's referral.


Now it's 4:12 PM; Leaving me about 1 futher hour here for 'Jour Gems';as will be coming right up.


To Life!=לחיים     Michael      PRIORITY   1   LIFE


 G O O D    M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A



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