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Leading@Haaretz.com this morning,when I was brief@E ,While Now #3;

  • Published 10:11 23.06.11
  • Latest update 10:11 23.06.11

'Hezbollah preparing for war against Israel to protect Syria's Assad'

Sources close to the Shiite group say it is committed to deflect what it sees as a foreign campaign against Damascus.

By Reuters
Hassan Nasrallah speaking via video link near Beirut

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah addressing supporters on a giant screen during a rally near Beirut on August 3, 2010

Photo by: Reuters

2@Haaretz.com">Now#2@Haaretz.com ;
  • Published 02:29 23.06.11
  • Latest update 02:29 23.06.11

All signs say Iran is racing toward a nuclear bomb

Iran's leadership is undaunted by the sanctions imposed on the country, or by the damage the Stuxnet computer worm caused to the program that operates the centrifuges at the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz.

By Yossi Melman  (Haaretz Intel Correspondent)

VIENNA - The procession of cars carrying Fereidoun Abbasi Davani sped down Vienna's Wagramer Strasse this Monday and into the underground car park of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Outside the building, on the bank of the Danube River, some 30 protesters from the Stop the Bomb movement demonstrated, waving signs denouncing the Iranian nuclear scientist. But Iranian security officers seemed more concerned about the prospect of someone trying to exploit Abbasi Davani's controversial visit to finish the job.

On November 29, 2010, anonymous assailants tried to assassinate Abbasi Davani as he emerged from his home in Tehran. He and his wife, seated next to him in the car, were hit by gunfire, but survived the assassination attempt. Iran blamed the Mossad for the failed operation.

Iran nuclear plant in Bushehr, AP

Technicians measuring parts of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant in this undated photo.

Photo by: AP

The assassins were more successful in a different attack launched that same day, which killed another nuclear scientist - Majid Shahriari.

The Iranians claimed that Abbasi Davani was nothing but an innocent physics professor. Intelligence sources countered that his university position was just a cover for his secret activity as one of the leading experts in Iran's weaponization, which is working on the final and decisive stage of developing a nuclear weapon under the auspices of the Revolutionary Guards. His name appears on the UN Security Council's blacklist, compiled after the council voted in March 2007 to impose sanctions on companies, organizations and individuals involved in Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. It also appears on similar lists compiled by the United States and the European Union, which ordered that his assets be frozen.



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Nuclear experts killed in Russia plane crash helped design Iran facility

The five Russian scientists were among 44 killed earlier this week; no official investigation of foul play has been opened, though Iranian nuclear experts have in the past been involved in similar accidents.

By Amir Oren

The five nuclear experts killed in a plane crash in northern Russia earlier this week had assisted in the design of an Iranian atomic facility, security sources in Russia said on Thursday.

The five Russian experts were among the 44 passengers killed when the Tupolev-134 plane broke up and caught fire on landing outside the northern city of Petrozavodsk on Monday.

Russia plane crash

The wreckage of Tu-134 plane, belonging to the RusAir airline, is seen on a highway near the city of Petrozavodsk Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Photo by: AP

The experts - who included lead designers Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Russia's top nuclear technological experts, Andrei Tropinov - worked at Bushehr after the contract for the plant's construction passed from the German Siemens company to Russian hands.

The five were employed at the Hydropress factory, a member of Russia's state nuclear corporation, and one of the main companies to contracted for the Bushehr construction.

The sources said that the death of the scientists is a great blow to the Russian nuclear industry.



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