3:20 PM. E-Take 2 for my wrap up of this episode of my U.S. Triumphant@Humanity for Preservation: ME Life Redemption Plan Manifesto (In E-posting progress.)

22 June 2011 03:39
Today at 02:18

(Nationwide Drill note; @Warbling siren heard(@All Israel);,while finishing up my Headline above; I was wheeled to an ostensibly protected area on this 3rd floor,where I was moved from floor 5 yesterday;(this floor where synagogue,my E@Use & paperbacks on balance,providing me with better resonsive service) but I was wheeled a bit to far;unacceptably exposed to room windows;just about 30 feet .


This has been a Nationwide Protection Drill Excercise. Now back on E@11:35 AM.While for luch here@12:30 PM;This addition to my Manifestio shoud conclude my morning dedication@E today.)


15 June 2011 05:02

While;Day by day to month by month to years & decades; Israel's settlement expansion@West Bank;continues unabated;Denying Viable Palestine.


And if our U.S.@Democracy,effectivlely ,Seduced;thinks ;that leaving Israel to design Palistine;will solve anything.


That's Fallacy! Only leading to The DARK SIDE for Humanity;with near-term mass-terrorism;planned for U.S. Homeland,in revulsion;Billion + Humanity Strike;starting here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities;Metastifying to Humany DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace!

(Till here@now:


What Damn right do I have to make such DARK SIDE for Humanity accussions ?


Simply;For@our Humanity advanced Recognings;even now@Circa 11;


(Mighty) Israel@continuing Expansion of Settlements;instead of allowing Independent Viable Palestine is growing percieved as if' A festering Sore to Humanity Preservation@Stability!   It must be countered; As Humanity Preservation@Stability Demands!


(Wed. morn. Wed, Jun 22, 2011   20 Sivan 5771 contiuence.)


MIGHT MAKES RIGHT once worked like a charm.


A familar example;


Around a Century & a half back: There was US concentrated@North East Mid-North America;with 'Expansion Urge' rife for West & South  to the Pacific Ocean.


But multitudes of American Indians,indegious on America,in the way!


So first we concocted a Spiritial Sounding legend giving impression that GOD wanted our US to expand Westward to the Pacfic Ocean.;


We called it ,'The Manifest Destiny'


Then;Convertaly our Sugeon General proposed to our US president,a plan to donate to American Indians Tribes 'Blankets for Winters warmth infused with 'Smallpox' ,lethal.


Such was implemented.  American Indian Tribes were decimated.  And;resultingly;our United States of Amrica had a much easier challenge to expand to 48 States;length & breath across to the Pacific Ocean.


Europe learned of this above,months later.  These were strange peoples.  It was a clear third of our world away,(when such really meant months of arduous & certainly without standing armies,to get to.  And 'The Moment had passed.'


illustrating clearly how 'MIGHT MAKES RIGHT' worked 'like a charm'@past .

(Wed. June 29,2011 segment begins.)


While Zooming the above Geo-Strategic situation to our advanced present would read as;


So our U.S. concentrated@NE Mid-North America;having Expansion urge towards the Pacific Ocean;With our Surgeon General divolging such a lethal donation Plan to our U.S. president;


Minutes after first getting wind of it,the Al Jazera North American correspondent Broadcasted on it to Humanity around the world.


From which the 140,000 Ex-paterites American Indians living in Pakestan were incenced!


Voicing threats,well able to carry out of asymmetric warfare &/or WOMD attack@Homeland America in reponce.


Our U.S. National Security Advisor knew of such@thereby advising our U.S. president NOT to persue the Sugeon General's Plan. As  accepted by our U.S. president.


Leaving our United States AMERICA to live happily on concentrated@NE mid-North AMERICA.


With this office closing on next hour@4 PM@here.

All I fnally today here say.


MIGHT MAKES RIGHT tossed into the dustpan of GEO-Strategic history!


RIGHT AIDS MIGHT is the new U.S. winning axiom for our new advanced age!


To Life! =לחיים      Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE


        G O O D    M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A


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