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Soccer/ English Premiership 

soccer - AP - April 26 2011

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER: Referee Mike Jones, right, showing a yellow card to Bolton's Tamir Cohen, center, for displaying a picture of his late father, Avi Cohen, after scoring on Sunday.

Photo by: AP


Soccer / Tamir Cohen dedicates winner to his late father

By Uzi Dann

Bolton Wanderers' Tamir Cohen brought on goose bumps for soccer fans in both Israel and England, after scoring a dramatic late winner for his side against Arsenal in the English Premiership on Sunday night.

The Israeli midfielder scored in the 90th minute and celebrated by removing his team jersey to reveal a T-shirt bearing a picture of his late father, former Liverpool and Israel star Avi Cohen, who died in a motorcycle accident in December 2010.

"I've worn this T-shirt every time I've played in the last two months, and every time I hoped to reveal it," Cohen said after the game. "It was a dream - a special moment with many mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. The players and coaches participated in this, and our manager [Owen Coyle] really cried with me. I feel and know that my father saw me from up there."

Cohen paid the emotional tribute after heading in a late winner at Bolton's Reebok Stadium. It was his first goal since his father's death and he pointed to the skies as team-mates rushed to embrace him.

The referee, Mike Jones, subsequently penalized Cohen with a yellow card for his after-goal celebration, but according to the BBC appeared to later apologize to the player for having to caution him.

Cohen had entered the fray as a substitute only five minutes earlier, with the score level at 1-1 after Bolton led through Daniel Sturridge's header, only for Robin Van Persie to equalize for the Premiership title-chasing Gunners just after the break. Bolton's Kevin Davis missed from the penalty spot before Cohen powerfully headed home from a corner kick as the final whistle approached.

"This goal was especially for my father," Cohen said as his team-mates gathered around to congratulate him. Cohen later revealed that stadium stewards and fans praised him after the game for his actions. "It was very moving. I am very happy to score this goal - it's been a very emotional season for me," said the 27-year-old.

"Tamir's been through a difficult period," said Owen Coyle. "A week before he passed away, his father had spent a week with us at the training ground. Not only was he Tamir's Dad but all the players have that attachment because they recognize he was such a lovely man," the Scot said, adding, "You've seen the emotion today and the players knew what his Dad meant to him. It's very fitting that he has got the winner."


End of the American economic era?

'China's economy will outstrip America's in 5 years'

The U.S. was responsible for a quarter of global output in 1986. Now its share is less than 20%, and it is expected to drop to 17.8% by 2016, while China's global output will rise to 18%.

Some westerners have faced the possibility with trepidation, and now the International Monetary Fund has given the fears a date: The Chinese economy will surpass the U.S. economy within five years, it predicts.

It is not news that the Chinese economy is on track to outflank America's. The news is that it will be happening so soon. The IMF, an organization of 187 countries, has set a date for the end of the era of U.S. supremacy over the global economy: 2016.

shanghai - AP - April 26 2011

High-rise buildings soar to the skies at the fast-growing Pudong New Development Zone, Shanghai.

Photo by: AP



HAARETZ English Edition on Tuesday, April 26, 2011  l   Nisan 22, 5771 Page 1 80% Banner Head,to left;      

          (Actually the sub-title is closer to the print edition Headline.) 

Palestinian Authority to probe shooting death of Israeli in Nablus

Jewish worshipper killed by Palestinian Authority security services during the Israelis' unauthorized visit to Joseph's Tomb.

By Anshel Pfeffer, Nir Hasson and Avi Issacharoff

Palestinian Military Intelligence is investigating the killing of a Bratslav Hasid, Ben-Yosef Livnat, early Sunday morning by the Palestinian police in Nablus. The worshippers had reportedly sneaked into Joseph's Tomb.

The investigation is focusing on the Palestinian police's shooting at the Israeli vehicles that entered the city carrying Hasidim who planned to pray at Joseph's Tomb. Their arrival had not been coordinated with the Palestinian or Israeli security forces.


livnat - Reuters - April 26 2011

Mourners on the Mount of Olives carrying the body of Ben-Yosef Livnat, who was shot dead by Palestinian policemen during a visit to Jospeh’s Tomb on Sunday morning.

Photo by: Reuters



The Jerusalem Post Page 1 Top right version; 

PM to Abbas: Take ‘tough steps’ against Nablus policeman

Ben-Yosef Livnat is slain, 4 other hassidim wounded; IDF says they were among worshipers who entered PA-controlled area without approval.


Livnat was the nephew of Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu sharply condemns the murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat and demands that the PA take tough steps against the perpetrators of this criminal act against Jews who were on their way to pray,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in the statement.

The office declined to be more specific about what steps Netanyahu was demanding and whether he had sent the request directly to the PA in addition to the statement he released to reporters.


          HAARETZ English Edition Page 1 Top right;


The gloves come off /  Avi Issacharoff 




Assad at war with his own people

Found@Haaretz.com as:

Does Syria's Assad care about international condemnation?

The gloves come off in Syria as Assad goes to war with his own people.

By Avi Issacharoff         

The Syrian army yesterday entered several cities in the country, reportedly massacring civilians along the way, in what appears to be Syrian President Bashar Assad's great counterattack against his opposition. The massive operation is meant to transfer control of these cities to the hands of the military, and to put a stop to the protests by sheer force, including fire from tanks and snipers.

Dozens of opposition activists were arrested in raids, just a week after Assad canceled Syria's emergency laws.


Syria's Assad - AP - April 16, 2011

In this image from Syrian state television President Bashar Assad makes a speech in front of his cabinet in Damasus, Syria Saturday April 16, 2011.

Photo by: AP




The casualty count on Friday was the highest yet - more than 100 dead - and another 12 people were shot dead at funerals held Friday for protesters killed earlier.

For the Syrian president and the Alawite military elite around him, this is a war for survival. As his father Hafez Assad did in 1982, in Hama, Assad decided to take off the "kid gloves" and suppress the protest at any price, including equally unprecedented public criticism.

U.S. President Barack Obama's direct attack on Assad's regime did little to deter the Syrian president, who apparently decided to escalate violence against the opposition on the assumption that the international community will not take dramatic steps against Syria - that is a similar move to the bombing campaign in Libya.

Assad is, in effect, mocking his international critics. He clearly has little interest in the international community's condemnation. He has understood that the reforms he offered the Syrian public not only did not quell the unrest, but may have even added fuel to the fire.  http://www.haaretz.com/print-e...ondemnation-1.358073 

See IHT (Read Internet,print & broadcast journalism ) for more Syria coverage



HAARETZ Page 1 today@Dead Center;


PA-Israel Relations 


Trouble brewing as May approaches

Found@Haaretz.com as:


Trouble brewing between Palestinians and Israelis

The Palestinian Authority is keen to prevent a broad confrontation with Israel, but this may change by September.


As late as 5 A.M. Sunday, a Givati Brigade battalion still had guards stationed at the entrance to Nablus to keep Jews seeking to pray at Joseph's Tomb from approaching the area without making arrangements first. About half an hour after the forces left, a group of Hasidim broke into the city, which led to the incident that ended in the killing of Ben-Yosef Livnat by a Palestinian policeman.

The way the events unfolded is infuriating. Instead of looking for and arresting Palestinian terrorists who aim to murder Jews, the Israel Defense Forces is busy protecting Israelis who are hell-bent on putting their own lives in danger. Entering Joseph's Tomb on your own is dangerous and against the law, and the army has been warning all rabbis and Hasidim against doing it for years. Moreover, both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have their own organized prayers in the compound. This act of stupidity by the Hasidim triggered an excessive Palestinian reaction with a tragic end.


Palestinian protest March 15, 2011.

Palestinians wave flags and chant slogans during a rally calling for a reconciliation between the rival Palestinian leading factions Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank, March 15, 2011.

Photo by: AP



It was just a matter of time until an incident like this happened. Entering Nablus like this, with divine intervention as your sole protection, is asking for trouble. The city is full of armed men who wouldn't hesitate to kill Israelis; if the killer wasn't a policeman arguing that the police were trying to preserve order, it could have been a militant from one organization or another.

The Israeli side needs to check its procedures too. This phenomenon often repeats, so why aren't the courts issuing punishments to deter people who enter the territories in violation of the army's orders?

None of this, of course, releases the PA from its responsibility for the incident. The Hasidim were unarmed and didn't take any action against the residents of Nablus. Under such circumstances, direct fire on a vehicle in flight represents excessive use of force (which the IDF is often guilty of against suspicious Palestinian vehicles in the West Bank ).  http://www.haaretz.com/print-e...nd-israelis-1.358076     

          HAARETZ English Edition on Page 1 (And: By the way;with this you'll have today;


'The entire Front Page of today's HAARETZ English 'Jour Gemmed!'

Banner- Bottom@90%,to left;         

'Regrettably, the ultra-Orthodox groups have taken over our lives'


Activist Jews use Passover festival to protest ultra-Orthodox conversion stance

Moroccan Jewish leader Sam Ben-Sheetrit looks to lend his support to Jewish converts at this year's Mimouna celebration.

By Yair Ettinger          

Sam Ben-Sheetrit is one of the people who turned the Mimouna Festival into a national holiday, without any mention of discrimination. He's chairman of the World Federation of Moroccan Jews, which chooses a "positive" subject for the Mimouna every year, such as "Every person is a world" and "Bridges."

This year, for the first time, the federation is coming out against injustices to converted Jews and people in the process of conversion to Judaism. This Mimouna (which began last night and is taking place today ) will be held as a protest and a way of supporting the converts, in the shadow of the political and halakhic controversy surrounding it.


mimouna - Ilan Assayag - April 25 2011

Mimouna celebration, Rehovot, April 25, 2011.

Photo by: Ilan Assayag


Paradoxically, the topic has little bearing on Jews of Moroccan descent but impacts on immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The protest is also directed against Shas, which unofficially represents Israelis of Moroccan origin.

Sam Ben-Sheetrit, what does the Mimouna have to do with the conversion controversy?

"Is there any better occasion to show our support for the converts than the Mimouna? This is a celebration of hospitality, love of man, bringing people together. Every year the Mimouna celebrations are marked by some value or another. This year they are marked by protest. We will raise a cry against the ultra-Orthodox laws pushing away all those who want to join our people. Regrettably, the ultra-Orthodox groups have taken over our lives. Not only the money, the public coffer, but everyday life. They're simply closing doors in the face of all those who want to join our people."

What has been planned for the celebrations?         

"We've invited hundreds of converts from all over the country to the main celebration in Ashkelon's Beit Yad Lebanim. My good friend [former Ashkenazi Chief] Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau will be there. The event will be hosted by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, who converts people to Judaism. Six converts from different countries will tell their story of how they ended up as Jews and mainly how society treats them and what they feel now. We must treat converts leniently and tolerantly. They will be guests of honor in Mimouna celebrations worldwide, we will put them in the front rows and embrace them."

Why are Jews of Moroccan origin getting involved with a problem relating to FSU immigrants?  


Today's Haaretz English Edition Page 2 90%+ Banner-Head,to left;

by Natasha Mozgovaya

Abbas vents frustration at Obama peace-making efforts

In Newsweek interview, the Palestinian President reveals personal insights into his expectations of how Barack Obama would perform in office once he became U.S. president.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

WASHINGTON - The frustration of the Palestinian leadership with the American leadership is nothing new, but in a report on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Newsweek, the issue turns up close and personal. In the interview, the Palestinian leader presents details of his talks with President Barack Obama. "We knew him before he became president," Abbas says, adding that he was very receptive to the Palestinians.

On the issue of settlement freeze and his insistence that this be a precondition to the continuation of direct negotiations with Israel, Abbas says: "It was Obama who suggested a full settlement freeze. I said O.K., I accept. We both went up the tree. After that, he came down with a ladder, and he removed the ladder and said to me, 'jump.' Three times, he did it."

abbas - AP - April 26 2011

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, left, meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in the Oval Office in 2009.

Photo by: AP

As for the special U.S. Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, who has not visited the area often since November, Abbas says that Mitchell did not do what he was expected of him. "Every visit by Mitchell, we talked to him and gave him some ideas. At the end, we discovered that he didn't convey any of these ideas to the Israelis. What does it mean?"

However, according to Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council, the claim was not correct. "Of course, he carried both parties' ideas to each other all the time," Vietor said.

Vietor also contradicted Abbas' version of a conversation he held with Obama on February 17, during which the Palestinian leader claims he was pressured by senior administration figures to persuade him to act against a draft U.N. Security Council resolution demanding that Israel "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory."

The Palestinians maintain that the language in the draft did not contradict what the Americans supported publicly. However, first Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other senior officials, pressured Abbas and his aides, says Abbas. So for 55 minutes on the phone, Obama first reasoned with and then pressured Abbas to withdraw the resolution. "He said it's better for you and for us and for our relations," says Abbas. Then the American president politely made what Abbas describes as a "list of sanctions" Palestinians would endure if the vote went ahead. Among other things, he warned that Congress would not approve the $475 million in aid the U.S. gives the Palestinians.          http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/f...ing-efforts-1.358078          Today's Haaretz English Edition on Page 2 Top Right Columnown to beow fold;         

News in Brief

( I was Going for 'jour gemming' their final item;But Say;How for it all ? )         

Abbas honors slain actor, Italian activist

President Mahmoud Abbas posthumously honored Israeli actor Juliano Mer-Khamis and Italian rights activist Vittorio Arrigoni, bestowing them with the "Medal of Jerusalem" award, the Palestinian Wafa news agency reported Sunday. "Crediting both martyrs the honoring 'Medal of Jerusalem' is the least expression of gratitude for their efforts in serving the Palestinian cause," Abbas reportedly said. Mer-Khamis was shot dead outside a theater he founded in Jenin this month; Arrigoni was abducted and killed 10 days later by Islamist militants in Gaza. (Haaretz Staff )

Jordan king: Arab uprisings should not thwart Mideast peace

King Abdullah II said yesterday that political turmoil in the Middle East should not prevent the United States and the world community from pushing ahead with efforts to bring the Palestinians and Israel back to the negotiating table. "The current changes in the Middle East should not hinder our determination to reactivate the peace process," the monarch told a delegation of U.S. congressional aides. (DPA )          Report: Hamas plans more kidnappings

Hamas is planning to take advantage of the relative calm in Gaza to kidnap more Israeli soldiers, the group's Al-Resalah newspaper reported. The report said the soldiers would be seized as additional bargaining chips should Gilad Shalit be killed during Israeli strikes on Gaza, Israel Radio said. The five years Shalit has been in captivity have helped Hamas plan future abductions, stated the article. (Haaretz Staff )

Man, 92, stopped while driving against traffic on Ayalon

A 92-year-old man was stopped yesterday for driving against the traffic on Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, police said. Traffic policemen slowed traffic on the highway to prevent a head-on collision, and when they found the driver, he told them, "I probably got confused." He added that he had been rushing to the birthday party of a friend hospitalized at Ichilov. The policemen confiscated his license and sent him to be checked at the road safety medical institute to determine whether he was still capable of driving. (Gili Cohen )      


  http://www.haaretz.com/print-e...ws-in-brief-1.315064 For documentation.  

          (Jour Gemmed@afterthought ) Page 2 Dead Center;

Haaretz WikiLeaks exclusive / A number of Palestinians with terrorist links held in Guantanamo

West Bank, Gaza Palestinians being held in the U.S. military detention camp in Cuba on suspicion of belonging to radical Islamist organizations.

By Yossi Melman Yossi Melman (HAARETZ Intel correspondent)

Several Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, according to WikiLeaks documents obtained by Haaretz. The documents are published here exclusively.

The documents consist of personal dossiers of Palestinian prisoners held in Guantanamo on suspicion of belonging to al-Qaida or to radical Islamic organizations identified with al-Qaida. Some of them are diagnosed as suffering from depression and camp officials recommend supervising them closely for fear they would try to commit suicide.

guantanamo - Reuters - April 25 2011

Detainees sitting in a holding area at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, April 25, 2011.

Photo by: Reuters

http://www.haaretz.com/print-e...-guantanamo-1.358077  (P.S. I've now 'jour gemmed' all today's Haaretz Page 2 articles, as well.)       

          Today's HAARETZ Page 3 is;'A Full page 'EL AL 'IT'S NOT JUST AIRLINE.  IT'S ISRAEL' Ad.   

          Today's HAARETZ Page 4 90% Banner Head,to left;

Passover 2011: More visitors, less garbage

Ein Gedi tops most-visited list; officials say Israelis getting better at cleaning up their trash.

By Zafrir Rinat

More than 2.5 million visitors flocked to Israel's forests, nature reserves and national parks over the Passover holiday, figures provided by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and Jewish National Fund show.

INPA reported that 1.5 million people visited nature reserves and parks - one-third of them came to regulated sites while others preferred walking and hiking in open areas. The most popular site this year was the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, which attracted 33,000 people.

field - Yaron Kaminsky - April 26 2011

Families enjoying a stroll through a field of buttercups in the Hula Valley yesterday.

Photo by: Yaron Kaminsky

Second and third came Masada National Park and the Banias nature reserve.

kinneret - Yaron Kaminsky - April 26 2011

Volunteers collecting garbage left behind on the shores of the Kinneret during the Passover holiday.

Photo by: Yaron Kaminsky
park - Yaron Kaminsky - April 26 2011

Visitors to Goren Park, near Haifa, yesterday.

Photo by: Yaron Kaminsky



(Confidentially;Between us the following Lead Opinion is Not their Editorial appearing in today's Haaretz print edition;that I was Not going to 'jour gem.') 

  • Published 01:25 18.04.11
  • Latest update 01:25 18.04.11

Israeli politicians should think before they speak

Israeli politicians have yet to fully recognize that the world has changed: they should be careful of what they say today if they do not want to issue denials tomorrow once their chattering gets leaked.

Haaretz Editorial

Isaac Herzog has rich intelligence experience. He was an officer in the intelligence-gathering department of Military Intelligence, and his father, Chaim Herzog, was in British intelligence and twice headed the Intelligence Corps in the Israel Defense Forces. Who more than Isaac Herzog could be expected to have internalized the hoary axiom of field security that once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be called back?

Thus we can understand the Labor MK's distress regarding his appearance in the diplomatic cables sent from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to the State Department, which were reported in Haaretz courtesy of WikiLeaks. To his great embarrassment, the documents reveal Herzog to be a reporter of public and personal moods, almost a political correspondent, for American ambassadors and other officials passing through Israel. Naively, Herzog was convinced that he was speaking to the U.S. representatives in secret. And they, as is the way of diplomats for whom cables home are part of their work, let the whole world in on their conversations with Herzog, thanks to WikiLeaks and its massive exposure of diplomatic documents.         

Even more than the substance of Herzog's comments - about Ashkenazim and Moroccans, Amir Peretz and Shimon Peres (what didn't he talk about?) - what's surprising is that he was so willing to tell all to the Americans. This is nothing new. There are always politicians, generally not the most veteran ones, who enjoy the perceived prestige of these conversations. The documents that the Freedom of Information Act requires the U.S. government to make public after several decades, or sometimes less, have revealed the names of such politicians. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, for example, Gad Yaacobi - the late Knesset member who was close to Moshe Dayan - was one of them, and there were also others in the ruling party of the time, Alignment, who were cited in diplomatic cables.


'Obama should learn from Scowcroft'


What Obama can learn from Israel's peace with Egypt

Today, at the age of 86, former U.S. National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft is still acceptable to Republicans as well as Democrats.

By Amir Oren

He was present during the secret talks between Richard Nixon, Golda Meir, Henry Kissinger and Yitzhak Rabin, before and after the Yom Kippur War. He witnessed Israel's plight in October 1973, when it desperately needed military equipment and a cease-fire even at the price of an Egyptian victory. He heard from Kissinger that Jordan's King Hussein was prepared to accept the Allon Plan but only if "the mosques and another street" in Jerusalem were thrown in. In November 2008, immediately after Barack Obama was elected U.S. president, he drew up the four-point plan that is now being attributed to Obama.

Brent Scowcroft, a retired general in the U.S. Air Force, was the deputy to National Security Adviser Kissinger in the Nixon administration and served as national security adviser under President Gerald Ford. Later, President George H.W. Bush brought him back, with Robert Gates as his deputy. Today, at the age of 86, Scowcroft is still acceptable to Republicans (for example Gates, now secretary of defense, and Senator John McCain ) as well as Democrats.

His uniqueness lies in his realization of the need to act without delay - bereft of any illusion that one has to wait for an internal political event such as elections. What will happen if the enemy refuses to be held up, identifies a weakness and acts precisely in this twilight hour?         



Obama has wasted two years in the expectation that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will pull himself together. Scowcroft has seen four decades of missed opportunities pass before his eyes. Obama should learn from Scowcroft not merely the layout of the plan, which would receive the backing of certain groups among the Republicans, but also the need for immediate action. Fears about upsetting the Israeli government, or about the president's rivals in U.S. politics joining forces with the supporters of a rigid Israeli line, could be a recipe for failure and disaster.

Why was this Passover different?

Until a few years ago, only senior staff enjoyed a full week off during Passover, the rest worked; now, almost no one works on Passover.

By Nehemia Shtrasler

It was 8:30 P.M., and everyone was antsy. Why weren't Aunt Hannah and Uncle Sigmund here yet? How hard was it to get from north Tel Aviv to Shikun Dan? Then the phone rang, and Aunt Hannah announced they were not coming. What happened? "We couldn't find a cab. No taxi service is answering the phone." There was no choice. Itzik rallied to the cause, took the car and picked up the aunt and uncle. Finally, we would be able to read the Haggadah.

Once, just a few years ago, this could not have happened. Then, there were always enough cab drivers who wanted to work on the Seder night for the extra income of the holiday rate. Now, the drivers are not willing to sacrifice family for the sake of work.


The mistake of what's left of the left

Only together can the Israelis and the Palestinians can be freed from the occupation.

By Yitzhak Laor


Benjamin Netanyahu's weak spot involves Israel's dependency on "world opinion," meaning the opinion of the Western establishments, and the fact that most of them do indeed disagree with Israel's conduct, which has hardly changed over the years. The deepening occupation, which is clearly becoming apartheid, despite the legal reservations about the word's definition, are the Labor Party's heritage. Some of the party's leaders are still causing damage, including Ehud Barak, under whose term as prime minister the settlements expanded the most; Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who started building the apartheid "bypass routes" and founded the East Jerusalem settlement at Jebl Abu Gheniem, now known as Har Homa; and Shimon Peres, the ambassador who makes the occupation kosher.

The Israeli intelligentsia, a remnant of the former Israeli left, still influences the media (why deny this? ). Its dissatisfaction annoys Netanyahu because it keeps him from appearing as the representative of all Israelis. Currently the West does not care how much he represents Israelis, because he does not represent the millions of Palestinians under Israel's boot. These people have no representation at all.

Netanyahu's weakness stems from the fact that he does not offer the West phrases with two meanings like Peres does - phrases like "when people talk, they don't shoot." The love between Peres and Western officials was forged amid idle chatter about peace, as the occupation entrenched itself. And thus, if Western governments want an agreement, or if they need the politics of peace with its champagne and shrimp, due to "the anxiety over the dreadful bloodshed in the region," Netanyahu is not providing. This is his main weakness.

Wars do not really worry the Western peace-lovers so long as oil prices are steady and their vacations are uninterrupted. The Israeli elites are much the same. They are not concerned about the Palestinians under the prolonged military dictatorship and the risk of war. The hopes that many Israelis - the remnants of the left - pin on the West stem from a false image: "We" fulfill the values of the enlightened West in our country, they say, so why does the enlightened West not act according to its/our values and do something?

After all, the occupation is morally wrong, so why not bring back forced withdrawals, say the remnants of the left as they sit in front of their televisions, which broadcast images of prospering settlers, and save us from fighting the right's main power base? Why shouldn't the West release us from the daily politics of persuading Israelis, including the settlers, that the settlements are indeed the main obstacle to peace? Well, nothing of the sort is going to happen, only assassinations, terrorist attacks, funerals, arrests, torture, roadblocks, F-16 attacks and "precise" shellings.

After 44 years, Israel and the occupation are a huge tank that cannot reverse and can only advance. Only together can the Israelis and the Palestinians can be freed from the occupation. It cannot be done through a lie about "direct negotiations," only by a popular Palestinian struggle against the occupation, with patriotic Israeli help. The Israeli slogan must be "The intifada is not against us and we are not against it," in the name of a good life. It is doubtful whether the prayer books of any other people include a daily prayer for earning a living and having a good life.

http://www.haaretz.com/print-e...of-the-left-1.358099 For documentation.          (And appearing here@Haaretz.com Opinion; Today's HAARETZ print Edition Editorial;

Nablus shooting is a deadly mistake, until proven otherwise

As long as an inquiry into the death of Ben-Yosef Livnat is ongoing, it is improper to treat the shooting as a terror attack that must be avenged.

Haaretz Editorial

The tragic death of Ben-Yosef Livnat in Nablus could have been prevented. The preliminary investigation shows that Livnat and his companions decided to visit Joseph's tomb without coordinating their trip into the Palestinian Authority with the Israel Defense Forces. They apparently broke through a Palestinian roadblock, and Palestinian police officers shot them in response.

People who wish to visit Joseph's Tomb, including Jewish worshipers, must coordinate with the army, which in turn coordinates with the Palestinian Authority. This is part of the security cooperation between the two bodies, which has been maintained to the IDF's satisfaction. There was no reason to violate it.

The IDF sees the incident as "an extremely grave mishap" but not as a terror attack, and this is how it must be handled for the time being. Such mishaps have happened before - IDF soldiers have mistakenly fired at Palestinians. Israeli police officers have also mistakenly fired at Israeli citizens.


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