5:21 pm Just 15 sure minutes left to E-Catch Including Preview of my lecture tomorrow@High East A; That's 6PM IBA TV Newscast Saturday@iba.org.il;Then IBA World;Then IBA News Now!~

Start: Conflicting reports that Hamas in Damascus will relocate to Qatar. -55 seconds
UN statement on PAL Unity.Details.-1:35
Washington & EU wants to know details of PAL reconciliation.-2:15
Egypt Military leader warns Israel to mind their own business;Not Egypt's. And on Egypt's plan to open the Rafah border,to Gaza.-3:05
6 killed@Dara Syria;And on U.S. Sanctions,coming up-3:57
U.s. Legislators visiting Israel Voice support;Sen. Lindsey Graham,Republican, S. Carolina -5:35 , Sen. John Thune, Republican, S. Carolina -6:02 Sen. John Barrasso, Republican, Wyoming -6:18 , Sen. Maria Cantwell, Democrat, Washington -6:30 Sen. Roy Blunt, Republican, Missouri -6:49 &  Rep. Kay Granger,Republican, Texas -7:38.
On Libya developments & on what Qaddafi said.-8:25
Israel will Fund Israeli doctor convicted in Paris.-9:17
Then; Charlotte Gutman,interview in IBA studio,on her European efforts to combat efforts for Israel De-Legitimization -14:50
*Jerusalem Arab youth help out on cleaning up East Jerusalem & donating blood. Also conducting tours -15:43
**Survey by Dr David Pollock (who I'll hear lecture@High East A tomorrow),of Washington Institute for Near East Policy;indicates 30% East J Arabs want PAL citizenship,under Palestine;While 35% wish to keep Israel citizenship,under Palestine.;Dr. Pollock,explains. -19:07
Cleanup in London from Royal Wedding. -19:56
Soccer -20:30  Gas prices rise@Midnight.  Then; Weather
 Closing (& I'm@Far West Student Center)    To Life!=לחיים     Michael         PRIORITY  1  LIFE
          G O OD    S U N D A Y    M O R N I N G     A M E R I C A
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