5:47 PM Far West. My vital P.S. for my Open Letter,yesterday to My Central Jersey.com and Dnj.com.

Distinguished U.S. forums journalists administers,

Amend my open letter@yesterday suggestion,to simply read,as if I was posting now;" 5:54 PM@9:54 AM CDT." or@now 5:56 PM@10:56 AM EDT,

Simply acknowledging the different Time Zones on our Terra world,between where the poster is@Time Zone &@same time acknowledging where the Time Zone where that post is E-Pubished.

Also Correct my statement@my yesterday's Open Letter that ":I'm posting with no Spell-Check."

Not quite True!  Change that to accuretly read that "I'm posting with no overall Spell-Check.But I did spell-check dual words, individually. (Exactly as I've done here;today.)

To Life!=לחיים    Michael     PRIORITY  1  LIFE

 G O O D     M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A

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