6:50 PM Far West;Final Short 'Jour Gems'??? But But 2 Neurologists here examine me here wrote for a new pill of Tab Rilutek (Riluzole) 50 Mg,twice a day,Meanwhile;I'm@ pre-hospice with synagogue,assisted showers,clean basic clothing,kosher grub,paperbacks

,much sleep,local color TV & where IHT & Haaretz English refuse to deliver.


(I hope that new pill,may make wonders to restore me back to normel,so I can leave there,back to my homeroom,reading daily print English newspapers & then much 'jour gems' for Humanity.


P.S. I now walk with a rolling@half walker.


Not much time left; But my native America; I snuck away from there,to here,today.So my

Introductory 2+ Hours tour@weekdays@noon,is still valid & doable;Even though;I repeat I now walk with a rolling@half walker. To Life!=לחיים  Michael  PRIORITY  1  LIFE

@International access 972 or Israel 0;then 50  411-3085.



 This Week's Message 

The same junk

Barak is recycling
The "generous offers" from 2000:
A truncated Palestinian State
Suffocated and bottled in
With continued Israeli occupation
Of the Jordan Valley.

It is a complete absurd
To offer again
This broken down junk.

Ad in Ha'aretz, May 13, 2011


 Today's JP@Top right@3Cloumns width;

PM: Israel may give up settlements not in major blocs

Palestinian Authority rejects Netanyahu’s Knesset speech, saying it sets ‘preconditions’; Obama to address AIPAC next week


But AMERICA; Israel Must give up Arial township@Dead Center Hiegts North West Bank to stave off the DS Billion+ Humanity Strike@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities.


Bye;As I rush for 7:40 PM City bus;Now@7:37 PM

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