8 PM pasting; 7:28 PM; My personel sad story;Resulting start@tomorrow morning.

Weeks ago I posted of my falling;then hospitalized;which brought 1 of my few U.S. forums to flash me,'Unable to Log You In' for a half week,until they relented.

Well;by now I've fallen twice more. First ;on my day of hospital release;with my brand newly acquired walking stick;as I was descending the steps from Maariv Minyan prayers@Yeshurin Synagogue,upscale Downtown Jerusalem.

Wherat I declined for ambulance to be called;& I've a red blotch@forehead right,to show for it.

 'And the World will be better for this

That one man scorned & coveredwith scars

Still strove with his last ounce of courage

To reach the unreachable Star'

(Closing 'The impossible dream' By Tom Jones')

Well Monday I fell again;Coming out of a Healh Food Store;after buying 'Tension Tamer' Tea.

Ambulance was called;more stiches to my forehead'& I'm being moved to sheltered accomidation.

I've put it off till morning;While my 'jour gems' postings will face suspension;Whereby my Life enters a new phase.

I'll endevor to keep here posted;as I'll be E-able.

To Life!=לחיים      Michael      PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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