8:17 PM@Far West Student Center as I E-watch 5PM IBA TV Newscast; Testimonial as acumen ment to posted today' 'Reality@my advanced@Humanity Life'

There surely is no other human alive now;or@forseeable future combining assured 'world news media' rocketing to my Voice;if our U.S. simply invokes 'Truth and Justice: The American Way' for my charge;
"I Charge our United States of America with Conspiracy to Insure my Murder,in early 1990! For my Act of Humanity Preservation  essential, public campaigning."
Along with my Voice's Demonstrated 'amazing reach' & 'Democratic Action Power shown.
For educating our fellow Americans as to the DARK SIDE for Humanity Realities inherent in Israel's unchecked expansion@settlements;AsDenying Viable Palestine.
Metastasizing to threaten Humanity DOOM@U.S. Disgrace!
Back Round: Last Friday@my Central West pre-שבת=Sabbath hot shower; An Arab Orderly barged open my push button locked bathroom door! And he grabbed & removed out my shirt;resting on that doorknob;whose vest pocket held my l ID,credit card,cell phone,other cards & secure papers & my paper cash.
In Alarm;Naked & dripping I called after him@cracking open my bathroom door.
He had dropped my phone;IDs cards & papers,to the floor & he kicked them over to me;to quiet me down.
I recovered All my IDs ,cards secure papers & phone;But my $22 in paper cash,was gone.
Testimonial as acumen ment to posted today' 'Reality@my advanced@Humanity Life' ;
Our Jewish Sabbath=שבת followed;And then there was Sunday morning;before my postings.
Finding myself with only pocket change left; I walked over to a uWs Bank;street side cash machine;where I withdrew $260 from my account,with my bank credit card.
Stepping back to count my cash machine bank notes; I fell right backwards;sustaing a minute concussion. All my banknotes;along with my cap,yamulka & eyeglasses,flew off!
To my 'Mazal' (loosely transelated as (Possibly) 'Divine inspired 'Good Fortune';
There were No People & No wind!
(@ my restricted mobility;it can take me 5 minutes to rise,from flat on my back.)
Seeing my clump of 200 Shekel notes neareby I crawled over & grabbed@it. But 150 Shekels more were laying out of my reach.
The Door Guard of the Office Building nearby came over;picked up & handed me that 150 shekels,extended his hand,to pull me up standing; & asked me if he should call an ambulance. "No."
Conclusion; All I'm trying to show is that my Humanity Life is limited;which will end@my Death!
Israel@Settlemebts expanding;In Deniance of Viable Palestine is the festering Sore to Humanity Preservation@Stability@Circa11 &++ Humanity awareness for  reckonings.
It Must be countered;As Humanity Preservation@Stability Demands!
Either by U.S. Soft Power Discipline for Israel near half Century of  Defiance for Settlements;in face of regular U.S. State Demands against. Starting with freezing there Expansion;As regularly echoed by our U.S. presidents:Now;
Or by the DARK SIDE for Humanity Billion + Humanity Strike;Starting@here@Circa11 ++ Realities & Capabilities;Later
This latter; Metastasizing to threaten Humanity DOOM@U.S. Disgrace!
To Life!=לחיים     Michael       PRIORITY   1   LIFE
(Now@9:37 PM; I've missed Brooklyn rabbi's Tuesday eve Torah happening;Computers Shut Down;any minute after 9:50 PM' My city bus outside leaves outside@10 PM.
(Catch this; Fasinating testimonial by 90 year old Jerusalem Post  Archivist;Just E-listen in;Starting around 9 minutes into;The IBA 8:30 PM English radio newscast@iba.org.il;Then IBA World.)
 G O O D     A F T E R N O O N      A M E R I C A  (Valid in minutes@West Coast.)
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