8:32 PM here; 8:14 PM@Far West Student Center; FLASH: Saturday 6PM IBA English TV News still E-playing. It Shouldn't Be. May E-Vanish any minute.@iba.org.il;Then IBA World;Then IBA News.

Start: Crackdown on protesters in Syria.& @1 minute U.S. may take steps against Syria.-1:20


Hamas & Fatah will unite@arms struggle against Israel;But Non-Violence for now.-2:15


Israel Ya'alon dismisses of non-violence as above. -2:55


EU will largely make up what Israel is withhold.money. -3:36


UN Ban-Ki-Moon urges Israel to release those funds deserved to PA.-4:05


Kadimah MK Ze'ev Beilsky accuse PM Nethan. of failing on his recent European trip to garner opposition against future Palestine. -4:45


Then;**Senior Correspondent of Bloomberg in Israel@studio 1st ? Was above right? On what happens if they declare Palestine State.Also on PAL reconciliation agreement. If Fayad not their PM;that helps out PM Netan.-9:40


PM military Secretary Locker,did not travel to UK with PM Netan. fearing he could be arrested there; *Lee Scott UK MP -Conservative,comments.-12:46


A few days after killing Osama bin-Laden US failed to kill Alwaki. -13:40


Then; Will Us killing ObL;will it effect how U.S. relates to Israel? *Prof. Eytan Gilboa BESA Center Bar Ilan University,discusses that & related.-17:30


Sports:Soccer 18:30 Art Exhibit    Weather  & Closing .

To Life!=לחיים          Michael           PRIORITY  1   LIFE

 G O O D    S U N D A Y   M O R N I N G  &   A F T E R N O O N

           A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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