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First Person: Childish joy is subsumed by national pride

As bin Laden’s demise sinks in, simplistic "Ding dong, Osama’s dead" gives way to deeper sense of justice done, challenges ahead.



To many, word of the al- Qaida chief’s killing seemed similar to that news from the mythical Munchkinland: as though it were a miraculous event that had simply fallen from the sky, since the American public had been largely unaware of the years of intelligence work that went into the raid on the Pakistani compound.

The childish joy has been somewhat subsumed, although not entirely, by a collective surge of national pride. The horrible events of September 11, 2001, brought Americans together as well, but quite differently. As New Yorkers especially, we were united in our weeping and in our desperate hope that there was something that we could possibly do to help those who suffered. We lined up to give blood that turned out to be unneeded. We went downtown to prepare meals for rescue workers. We stood up with pride in defiance of those who wanted us to lie down and die.


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Online jihadis eulogize ‘lion of Islam’ bin Laden

News of the killing of al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden has sent shock waves through many jihadi online forums around the world.


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Netanyahu to Abbas:Cancel Fatah-Hamas unity agreement

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'Fatah-Hamas unity a blow to peace, victory for terrorism'

Netanyahu discusses Palestinian reconciliation accord on London trip, where he is lobbying European leaders against the agreement; PM: "Hamas condemned the elimination of Osama bin Laden."



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