9 PM My Open E-Letter to My Central Jersey.com & Dnj.com.

Distinguised U.S. journalists E-Forum Administrtors.

Journalism harps on Truth and Accuracy!

And I commend you on E-recording on Top Left,of my posting;Of accurate local Israel time,that I've posted!

But then you follow,my accurate Israel posting time with CDT or EDT;as your U.S. Time zone is.

Such is downright confusing,inaccurate & wrong.

Right@Top Left of my postings; You muddy up your reputation for Truth & Accuracy!

I know that it's an E-Great thing to ask that you E-open,delve & change;The E-inner workings of your automatic E-stamping,of my@Israel's postings.

But to allow such to remain;simply because 'That's how it E-inner working is';is simply wrong,Inacurate & muddying up your Truth & Accuracy journalistic reputation.

The sooner such is E-inner workings corrected; The Better!

May I suggest E-timing stamps my postings as; for instance,if@now;

'9:19 PM Israel Time@1:19 PM CDT '

2 relivant,from acumen commets;

1- Humanity communican has advanced,to near instant@E,as they say.'worldwide'.

But our world isn't 'wide' ;As 'Flat'.

But a roundish Elliptical revolving Globe,around our Sun.

Wheras Humanity around our Terra Globe find themselves in 24 accurate Time Zones;keyed into our Sun shineing@them.

Again; I commend you for going that mile out;towards accuretly recording my@Israel posting time;But labeling such as CDT or EDT,Must Stop!

I can assume;that you may also be accuretly recording other@forein  countries posting times;But then also labeling them as CDT or EDT; Such Must Stop!

Humanity communicates now near instantly;while Humanity lives in 24 distict Time Zones;on our world.

Labeling All postings as CDT or EDT is simply;Not Acceptable for global Humanity Living Reality !

2- Hospital discharging for I recently have ended 'A C S Suspected.'

If such proves confirmed by my additional lose of moter muscles funtuning; then my Life Expectency' is shortened to tens of months@single diget years; With my fingers dextreraty for posting & all else;significantly earlier.

If you honor my legitimate request;As above.

Such would E-Live On as my legacy;after I'd be Humanity gone.

I appreciate your attention,in this relivent for journalistic regard,at this time.

Posting Now@9:45 PM Native U.S. +7-+10; 'without Spell-Check' on Dnj.com;For sunsequent paste/posting@All my U.S. forums.

  Good Jerusalem Night, my native America.

To Life!=לחיים  Michael  PRIORITY  1   LIFE


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