9:08 PM@Student Center@Far West;Been relaxing partially viewing CNN;On 5PM IBA English TV Newscast of today;E-View@iba.org.il;Then IBA World;Then IBA News:next 21+ hours.

Start: New details emerge on Bin Laden killing;Report.-3 minutes.
On Israel was report of above before media.
Missed next related story.
On Israel relatives of killed@9/11 ;Dov Shefi,Father of 9/11 Victim,statement. -5:42
Hamas will keep to Cease fire with Israel after reconciliation.-6:18
PM Netan.flys to London tonight.-7 minutes
**David Horovitz,Editor-In-Chief of Jerusalem Post,in studio,on all above.-11:15
**Dore Gold,Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Al-Qaida is not Dead.-15 minutes
Mosque in PAL village torched.-15:30
On Doctors sanctions,that Public Hospitals operated on Sabbaths schedules.-16:05
On Canadian elections;Stephen Harper,Can PM Victory segment Address.-17:20
*March of Living in Birkeno;Report.Miriam Far & another Holocaust survivor,statement & more participants,on Bin Laden killed.-20:15
On a drug company    Markets    Weather   &   Closing
 Good Jerusalem evening as I soon bus to Brooklyn rabbi's@Cross town.
To Life!=לחיים      Michael        PRIORITY  1  LIFE
 G O O D  M O R N I N G   &  A F T E R N O O N
          A  M  E  R  I  C  A
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