9:35 PM@Far West students Center,where computers Shut OFf around 9:55 PM. On Jampacked IBA 5 PM English TV Newscast today;E-View@iba.org.il;Then IBA World;Then IBA News:next 20 hours.

Start: *Saboteurs blew up pipeline between Egypt gas line to Israel & Jordon;Report. -2:30
PM meets Security Cabinet on future flotilla.-3:25
Doctors protest.Leah Wapner, Sec Gen., Israel medical Association,Prof. Yoram Bujanover,Safra Children's Hospital, Dr. Leor Perl, Mirsham Medical Residents Foundation & Dr. Ahmed Tibi,M. K.- United Arab List:comments. -6:10
3 men convicted of killing a Jewess man on beach,in front of his family. -6:38
Syria unrest -7:25
UN will try to stop Syria Gov. violence;**Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General;Address segment.Bashar Ja'Afari,Syrian Ambassador to UN,response,segment & Susan Rice,US Ambassador to UN,response,segment. -10 minutes
Syria Opposition meets in Turkey;Anas Abdah,Movement for Justice,Walid Saffour,Syrian Human Rights Committee.-10:55 (May God grant them,not to be killed,for appearing!)
Zvi Mazel,Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt,comments on the Blow Up of gas pipeline;Ending;Asking him why now majority@Egypt want to abrogate the Egypt & Israel peace agreement.-14:46
Corruption scandel@Ramat Gan Mayor,serving for last 20 years,near TA.-15:48
Pres.Peres speaks against corruption.-16:29
Arts & Entertainment;**David Brinn,Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor,in studio,discusses what's coming to Israel,this summer.-20:42
In London practice for the Royal Wedding,coming.-21:40
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 To Life!= לחיים    Michael     PRIORITY  1  LIFE
 G O O D   A F T E R N O O N   A M E R I C A
    (Within 20 minutes;valid@West Coast )
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