BEWARE AMERICA; A past Is. Gov. proposed a 'Swap'@Is. getting 10,say,miles into WB;while PAL gets.just,1 mile into dismal desert@Is. If@same now; DS Billion Strike@Circa11++!Metasterating to Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace!

And: My fellow Americans; Take specific note@recent   decades history;

Whatever outlandish proposal,my Israel puts forth ; Within 2 or 3 weeks our U.S. echoes!

Coming from,direct, from our U.S.@Democracy, effective,Seduced for 'Lay Off 'Mighty' Israel!


In No Way mitigating the Humanity DOOM level@End of my Headline above; Just afixxing Dicrase blame on our U.S.


While@today ;


This is ocassinal 40 E-minutes@Occupational Therapists office adjacent to the synagogue@ Mallay Adumin town settlement,about 8 miles East of Jerusalem pre-hospece;where I'm confined now; with Med's support,meals,paperbacks & local color TV.


Honestly I tell you; I am the least limited patient here;

I've gotten back to semi-stability walking,with reverbering cane taps.


While Neuraligists say I have ALS;which should deteriorate my mind to muscles  coordination & end my life within 5 years.


Sorry for  morbidity;but  I believe in transparacy.


Getting back to here;Just East of E-1 area;which our U.S. has been demanding for decades to keep Settlement Free for future Palestine  continuity;as President Obama,reiterated;both@Thur.night State Address &@AIPAC Address on Monday;


For rural road connection between North of Jerusalem & South of Jerusalem@West Bank,for Palestinians;

Gotta go; To Life!=לחיים  Michael  PRIORITY  1  LIFE@Int.access 972;or Israel 0 ;then 50-4113085.


 G O O D    M O R N I N G   A M E R I C A

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