NOW@11:56 AM;Next to last chapter of my U.S. Triumphant Manifeso@ just 15 minutes left@E-Before lunch;

Thomas Friedman;A noted NY Times commentator;wrote unusual piece,few years ago;As I now paraphrase;


@Our advanced new era;"I'd be reluctant to call out@centure;to someone who cuts in front of me,in a line(queue)!


That's cause@E-savvy & Cell phone photos;pastable on the W.w.w.;Anyone:Such ;

Can create an;almost impossible to wipe out;"E-Stain";


Sullying up our'All Important '1st E-Impression"!


So;@our advanced age; It Pays to Get Along.'


(Calling me to stop@E; )All I can say;


'Israel@Settlements Expanding;with U.S.@Democracy,effective,Seduceded;For Blocking for Viable Palistine; DOESN'T GET ALONG!"@ festering Sore for Humanity Presrvaion@Stability;



Humanity Presrvaion@Stability;Demanding Countering NO MATTER WHAT!


If U.S@.Democracy,effective,Seduceded 'remains;then DARK SIDE for Humanity Billion+ Strike,starting@here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities!


To Life!=לחיים       Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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