PM Netan. to Congress; "as well as other places of strategic importances"= Primeraly Arial township@Dead Center Hights@North West Bank.

And; Missing word by PM Netan. to Congress;reitorate by Presedent Obama@both State Dept. & AIPAC Addresses is,'SWAP'. While for what PM Netan said to Congress@Take amounts to about 30% of most strategic land@West Bank.


My native America;For your U.S.@Democracy,effective,Sedituation ;thinking that 'Mighty' Israel  can design Palistine;


Then Oy Vay for Humanity cause THE DARK SIDE'll be coming;with mega-terrorism planned for our homeland U.S.@revulsion. Then Billion+ Strike@starting here. Then metststaning to to Humanity DOOM level.


All;their closing this office now.


So Take Care till my next E-opportunity.


To Life!=לחיים    Michael



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