Take 2@10:37 AM; I'm in flux@pos. vacating here@24 hours,from now;loosing E-for ?;& I'm weaker from ALS & loosing weight.So;

 For@my Humanity Life,left;If our native U.S. wishes@inveatgating My,required 2+ hours Introductury Tour@weekdays noon;From upper West side@Jerusalem;


Charging each Humanity individual; 50 Shekels;or $20;Including RT Armored Public InterCity Bus coach;


Phone me@Inter. access 972;Or Israel 0;Then:50-4113085;




With my ALS@now;My blurred specch,is often mis-understand@frustration;

So when phoneing me;State which date,you wish for my tour;


Then repeat your contact E-mail contact address;Until I state,"STOP!".


Then I'll E-mail contact reply;when I then@1st E-access;afterwerd.


PARDON: My my PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U.S. Triumphant,ME LIFE Redemtion Plan;

I'll hang out@Humanity Life;for as long as I can.


While@E-uses  access;here;this Israel AM;


I'll endevour to wrap up;My,current;U.S. Triuphant@Humanity for Preservation@Stability;PRIORITY 1 LIFE;Manifesto.


To LIFE!=לחיים.  Michael   PRIORITY   1 LIFE


 G O O D    D A W N approaching A M E R I C A .

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