Take 2@here; 3:06 PM till 4 PM; Here of my picks from that good woman's recent JP,that I finished up after lunch.Leading from Page 2 Top right@JP of June 8,11;

MK Levin asks A-G to bar Zoabi from boarding flotilla

Zoabi calls Levin racist, says "maybe he should tell me what to think;" Levin: Stop Zoabi from leaving country, put her on trial.



IDF must not shoot unarmed people

We should use any non-lethal, non-crippling methods necessary, but we should not fire on them.





Fans of the Dude to hit the lanes

It was bound to happen, but not on Shabbos. The first known Israeli Lebowksi Fest is taking place next week in Jerusalem, naturally at a bowling alley in Talpiot.

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