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For dreshing up@bured to be forgotten.




For our U.S. Cardinal Crime!


Smoking Gun@Proof;Part of parcel of our U.S. Cardinal Crime against our United States of America;Sacred Yearnings@Dedication!


Expressed@start of our Reveared; DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE;


".. Hold these TRUTHS to be Self-Evident...that ALL are Endowed by our Creator..with Unalianable Rights...including...LIFE, LIBERTY & The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS"!


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Pardon Native America;With my ALS Weakness;coming on after all my takes@Introductury last post; I'll cut to the chace;


Our Humanity Superpower AMERICA; Which hand do you wish to play?


The,as present,U.S.@Democracy ,effective, Seduced for DARK SIDE for HUMANITY coming on; Culminating@Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace.


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Thomas Friedman;A noted NY Times commentator;wrote unusual piece,few years ago;As I now paraphrase;


@Our advanced new era;"I'd be reluctant to call out@centure;to someone who cuts in front of me,in a line(queue)!


That's cause@E-savvy & Cell phone photos;pastable on the W.w.w.;Anyone:Such ;

Can create an;almost impossible to wipe out;"E-Stain";


Sullying up our'All Important '1st E-Impression"!


So;@our advanced age; It Pays to Get Along.'


(Calling me to stop@E; )All I can say;


'Israel@Settlements Expanding;with U.S.@Democracy,effective,Seduceded;For Blocking for Viable Palistine; DOESN'T GET ALONG!"@ festering Sore for Humanity Presrvaion@Stability;



Humanity Presrvaion@Stability;Demanding Countering NO MATTER WHAT!


If U.S@.Democracy,effective,Seduceded 'remains;then DARK SIDE for Humanity Billion+ Strike,starting@here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities!


To Life!=לחיים       Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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Charging each Humanity individual; 50 Shekels;or $20;Including RT Armored Public InterCity Bus coach;


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With my ALS@now;My blurred specch,is often mis-understand@frustration;

So when phoneing me;State which date,you wish for my tour;


Then repeat your contact E-mail contact address;Until I state,"STOP!".


Then I'll E-mail contact reply;when I then@1st E-access;afterwerd.


PARDON: My my PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U.S. Triumphant,ME LIFE Redemtion Plan;

I'll hang out@Humanity Life;for as long as I can.


While@E-uses  access;here;this Israel AM;


I'll endevour to wrap up;My,current;U.S. Triuphant@Humanity for Preservation@Stability;PRIORITY 1 LIFE;Manifesto.


To LIFE!=לחיים.  Michael   PRIORITY   1 LIFE


 G O O D    D A W N approaching A M E R I C A .

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So the 1 thing I will ask our U.S. to provite of U.S. long experarice,to guard my Life;during the week++ ,that my 'world media focus ,of my saga@my messiactic Life Element 3 of 4;Titled:


'Living on for LIFE@all odds against.'


I trust your ALL having an enjoyable & safe SATURDAY NIGHT.


To Life!=לחיים       Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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  • Published 10:33 06.07.11
  • Latest update 10:33 06.07.11

Netanyahu: Israel must be resolute in face of pro-Palestinian provocateurs at airport

Prime minister orders security forces to prevent infiltration into Israel's borders, as hundreds of activists plan to enter Israel by air as counterpart to Gaza flotilla.

By Barak Ravid


 Netanyahu at Ben-Gurion airport - Moshe Milner / GPO - July 2011

Netanyahu arrives at Ben-Gurion airport on July 6, 2011.

Photo by: Moshe Milner / GPO


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israeli security forces must act firmly against an expected pro-Palestinian protest at the Ben-Gurion International Airport over the weekend.

"Every country has the right to prevent the entry of provocateurs into its borders," Netanyahu said during a meeting with several heads of Israeli security services at the Ben-Gurion airport, in preparation for the arrival of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists who plan on entering Israel by air as a counterpart to the planned flotilla to the Gaza Strip.


Netanyahu stressed that Israel will act as every civilized country would in the face of provocateurs, but ordered security forces to "avoid unnecessary altercations."



Haaretz reported Tuesday that Israel has provided intelligence to the United States seven European countries, and several foreign airline companies regarding the activists who plan on participating in the airport protest.

Between 600 and 1,200 activists are expected to arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday. Israel is expecting the main protest to take place Friday morning, and the first activists are likely to arrive Thursday night.


  • Published 20:50 05.07.11
  • Latest update 20:50 05.07.11

IDF commander in West Bank says he is unfazed by settlers' intimidation

Right-wing activists accuse brigadier-general of holding 'leftist' world view.

By Amos Harel

Brigadier-General Nitzan Alon, who has come under heavy criticism from right-wing and settler activists, said recently that he is not intimidated by the personal attacks leveled against him after several far-rightists attempted to accost him near his home.

Alon, who is in charge of IDF forces in the West Bank, has been accused by settlers of having a “leftist” world view. He has also come under fire for withholding information surrounding outpost evacuations from soldiers who publicly oppose such actions.

West Bank settlers

Youths trying to extinguish a fire near the Jewish West bank settlement of Har Bracha on Monday July 26, 2010.
















“I will continue to fulfill my duty and implement government orders in the territories”, Alon stated, reiterating that his belief in Israel's "just cause has not changed."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak condemned the attacks on Alon, stressing that he is “defending Israeli lives in Judea and Samaria”, and that the state “owes him a great deal”.

Settler leaders have refrained from condemning the verbal attacks, although several have reportedly called the IDF Division Commander in order to distance themselves from the actions of the activists.

Brig. Gen. Nitzan Alon

Brig. Gen. Nitzan Alon

Photo by: Tal Cohen For documentation.

(Now@2:08 PM: Say Hey; My native America; Now@our advanced 2011 sure ain't the 1800's as I ,was only allowed to post of that chapter of my U.S. Triumphant@Humanity Plan Manifesto;only chapter of our U.S. using (Covert) MIGHT MAKES RIGHT,for expanding our U.S. expanding from Coast to Coast;

While@advanced Era Now;Israel expanding Settlements Blocking Viable Palestine;Is as a 'festuring Sore@Humanity Preservation Stability;Demanding Counter;Either by our U.S.@Democracy,effective,SEDUCTION;ByEextrorate by my PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U.S. Triumphant Middle East Life Redemption Plan!


Notwithstanding;that I'm now desribed as a Cripple!


Study carefully,My final chapters of my Manifesto;to be posted soon.)



Study carefully,My final chapters of my Manifesto;to be posted soon.)


Now@2 35 PM:Back to 'Jour Gems' for Humanity;

  • Published 03:18 06.07.11
  • Latest update 03:18 06.07.11

We must stop Israel from becoming a theocracy

Should Israel be a democracy in which a minority enjoys equal rights, or an ethnocracy for Jews who believe that their right to the Land of Israel is greater than any other human right?

By Shaul Arieli

Those of us who believe that the internal debate in the Jewish community in Israel is still focused on defense needs or the number of settlements that should be evacuated, were proven wrong by the followers of Kiryat Arba's Rabbi Dov Lior. The real controversy focuses on the image of Israeli society and the nature of the country's governance. The conflict with the Palestinians is only a platform for shaping positions on this issue.

Whose power is greater? The rule of law set by institutions with democratically elected officials, or the rule of rabbis who make decisions in accordance with the Torah? Former Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren, blessed be his memory, expressed the position of those who follow Jewish law thus: "There is no national law that can alter our position and our rights as they are laid out by the Torah."


Should Israel be a democracy in which a minority enjoys equal rights, or an ethnocracy for Jews who believe that their right to the Land of Israel is greater than any other human right? Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook said: "This land is ours, there are no Arab lands here ... within its entire biblical borders it belongs to Israeli rule ... this is the decision of divine politics, which no earthly politics can overcome."


Humanity's Great SuperPower United States of America;Don't allow@our advaced Era allow the;such resultant DARK SIDE for Humanity;Culminating@Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace result!!!


Investigate for Engageing@PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U.S. Triumphant Middle East Life Redemption Plan;Now !!!


Initially posting on :Now@2 56 PM Native U.S. +7-+10.


To Life!=לחיים.     Michael          PRIORITY  1   LIFE

Blog Entry CommentsComments: 0 Intelligence;



  • Published 03:13 05.07.11
  • Latest update 03:13 05.07.11

Israeli diplomacy is damaging its intelligence agencies' reputation

Israel has been relegated to the status of the mistress who isn't invited to appear in polite (and hypocritical ) company.

By Amir Oren
(Admisson: I don't understand the 1st word below.perhaps you do,or it's a typo mistake

Letitia Long, a civilian with the status of a three-star general, is the most senior woman in the American intelligence community. Long is director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency which is responsible for visual intelligence - aerial and satellite photographs, mapping, imaging and producing accurate models for mission training. Her role in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden received wide professional praise.

Not long before that operation, and without any connection to it, Long visited Israel and met with the director of Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and other senior officials. When she returned home, she instructed the agency to devote the July-August edition of its bimonthly journal, Pathfinder, to the topic of "partnerships around the world."

The journal was published this week. Its cover is decorated with the flags of dozens of nations whose intelligence apparatuses have some type of partnership with the NGA: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and numerous others.

Israel is not mentioned anywhere in the magazine. This wasn't an absent minded omission, but an expression of embarrassment. They are embarrassed to have Israel as a partner. They aren't embarrassed to get intelligence from Israel, just not publicly.


(it's your acumen order to finger tap,for this link;if you want  standing more; 


Take a look@spicy paragraph,coming up;


Israel - whose leaders complained decades ago that the country was being treated like a mistress, and had since enjoyed a period of being put on proud and public display - has been relegated once again to the status of the mistress who isn't invited to appear in polite (and hypocritical ) company.


Reveling Now this Mid-segment@Intelligence,close to home;

Because of the bin Laden assassination and the fact that CIA director Leon Panetta has become U.S. defense secretary, the decision makers in Washington are relating to the U.S. intelligence agencies with more respect. The data these agencies submit will inform the working premises of these officials - no matter what Israeli experts, real or imagined, will say.

A summary of the data is offered in the CIA's open annual report. In this report, which is updated frequently, it emerges that there is near-equality in the dem Sea, with some 6 million Jews, as opposed to 5.7 million Arabs. While one would expect that demographers from the Israeli right will dispute these figures and the trends they portend, this data will be the foundation for determining policy in Washington.



The CIA, meanwhile, counts some 300,000 Jews in the West Bank and 200,000 in East Jerusalem. Half a million people, nearly the size of some veteran U.S. cities. It would be much too difficult to relocate five-sixths of the population of Boston or Baltimore, thus, with no realistic alternative, there will be an exchange of territorial strips, without increasing the size of the State of Israel.

This reality, which U.S. intelligence is presenting to the senior echelons, will not change, even if Barack Obama is creamed in the 2012 elections and replaced by a Republican who eats Arabs for breakfast. No American president is going to allow any Israeli prime minister to avoid making the tough decisions. Maps with tentative borders, along the Green Line and in the Golan Heights, are ready and waiting in the safes of the CIA and the NGA.

These American intelligence agencies serve the president, the US Armed Forces, and Congress. Are Kochavi and his colleagues at Israeli intelligence informing their superiors and the public of the reality in all its severity? Or have they learned from the onslaught against their predecessors - Gabi Ashkenazi, Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin -- that it's preferable to be silent, even if it means being a silent partner to the impending disaster?


(As You E-where!)

  • Published 03:13 05.07.11
  • Latest update 03:13 05.07.11

For Netanyahu, saving Israel's deserts is all about settlements

Netanyahu insists on seeing nature and landscape as no more than an obstacle to the realization of his settlement vision.

By Zafrir Rinat (Yea,Yea Yea; But Israel@Settlements@West Bank expanding@denying viable Palestine is Humanity's bother.As leading to DARK SIDE@finally threatining@DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace.)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week cleared his calendar, crowded with security-related and political crises, and devoted almost an entire day to the Dead Sea. He toured the area and discussed issues pertaining to conservation of the Dead Sea and tourist development at its southern end.


For a moment, it appeared that Netanyahu was at one with environmental groups and activists, devoting ceaseless efforts to save what is left of the majestic landscapes of the shrinking salty lake. The prime minister even voted with his ministers for the Dead Sea as one of the natural wonders of the world.

But Netanyahu came to his senses very quickly, and turned out to be as solid as a rock not only with regard to the right of the Jewish people to settle their land, but also in his insistance on seeing nature and landscape as no more than an obstacle to the realization of his settlement vision.


(I trust I'll Now find something .)


  • Published 03:13 05.07.11
  • Latest update 03:13 05.07.11

Alarming rise in clashes between settlers and Palestinians in West Bank

IDF commanders concerned situation in territories may deteriorate further with diplomatic crisis looming in September when Palestinians make bid for UN recognition.

By Chaim Levinson and Amos Harel

The IDF is alarmed by the increase in clashes in the West Bank between Palestinian villagers and settlers in nearby outposts and by the growing harassment of senior army officers and civil servants by right-wing extremists.

The commanders are concerned that the situation may deteriorate even further with the diplomatic crisis looming in September when Palestinians make their bid for UN recognition.

Settlers throw stones in response to attack - AP

Settlers throwing stones near the West Bank village of Hawara, in response to the Itamar attack.

Photo by: AP


Last week settlers burned a Palestinian field in the West Bank village of Burin, destroying more than 400 trees, after two Palestinians had stolen a car belonging to a settler from the nearby Yitzhar settlement.

Police arrested a number of suspects - the arson was video-taped from a distance by a Palestinian B'Tselem activist. But the court released the suspects for lack of evidence.

On the same day, Yitzhar's secretariat sent a threatening letter to the mayor of the nearby village of Hawara, issuing a 24-hour ultimatum to return the stolen car and turn in the thieves. Otherwise, the letter warned, "it will be impossible to stop the residents' rage."



Homes in Gilo approved

In another development, the Jerusalem municipality yesterday approved a plan to build hundreds of new homes for Jews in Gilo, a neighborhood built over the Green Line in South Jerusalem, a council member said.

Elisha Peleg told Reuters that Jerusalem city planning commission had approved building plans for 900 new units in Gilo.

Palestinians say the enclaves could deny them a viable state.

"I see no difference between Gilo and any other neighbourhood in Jerusalem. Jews have the right to build anywhere in the city," said Peleg, a member of the planning commission.


Reuters contributed to this report


Brooklyn rabbi has just walked in to visit me So;


To Life!=לחיים   Michael    PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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Engage@Priority 1 LIFE to Excrosite it;for our U.S. true aim@LIFE LIGHT SIDE for leading Humanity for LIFE,LIBERTY & The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS@our advanced future!




Pardon;It turns out that an amulance will come here now for taking me to a chief Neurologist@Far West Jerusalem;any minute now.


To Life!  = לחיים.    Michael     PRIORITY  1 LIF;Now@10:02 AM on July 4th 2001.


  H A P P Y     J U L Y  4th ;starting now;over ,where,your on our world!


 H A P P Y  2 3 5  years  of  I N D E P E N D A N C E  my native  A M E R I C A !


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  • Published 02:59 29.06.11
  • Latest update 02:59 29.06.11

Top Jewish leader and close Netanyahu ally blasts PM for lack of diplomatic plan

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder tells meeting of Jewish parliamentarians in Jerusalem Israel must try to regain international support to prevent unilateral declaration of Palestinian state in September.

By Barak Ravid

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder, who in the past was considered one of Benjamin Netanyahu's biggest donors and supporters, lashed out at the prime minister's diplomatic policy Monday night. He made the comments in a speech to Jewish members of parliament from around the world as they attended a conference in Jerusalem.

The remarks were made against the background of a serious rift that has recently developed between the two men.

World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder.

World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder.

Photo by: AP

His criticism is also noteworthy because Lauder is known as a fierce critic of U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East policies. Less than six weeks ago, the WJC president issued a statment blasting Obama's Middle East policy address on May 19, saying Obama's call for negotiations to take place on the basis of the 1967 lines (with territorial swaps ) endangered Israel.

Since Netanyahu took office two years ago, Lauder has sent letters to Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging the administration to stop pressuring Israel over the settlement issue. He also took out several huge newspaper advertisements in which he attacked Obama and defended Netanyahu; he later said he obtained Netanyahu's approval before publishing these ads.

In recent weeks, however, their relationship has been tense. Netanyahu did not attend last week's annual meeting of the WJC in Jerusalem, as he has in previous years, cancelling at the last minute.

Daily newspaper Maariv reported last week that Netanyahu canceled his appearance because he was furious that Lauder - a major shareholder in the Channel 10 television station - did not prevent the broadcast of a series of investigative reports about overseas trips of Netanyahu's that were financed by private individuals or organizations. Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, apparently viewed this as a personal insult, and the cancelation was meant to signal his displeasure.


by Natasha Mozgovaya
(Here comes of our U.S.@Democracy,effective, Seducion.)
  • Published 21:01 28.06.11
  • Latest update 21:01 28.06.11

U.S. presidential candidate accuses Obama of treating Israel like a problem

Republican former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty says the U.S. president's Middle East policy 'breaks his heart', claims Obama is wrong in belief that 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies at the heart of every problem in the Middle East'.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

Former governor of Minnesota and Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is not impressed with U.S. President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, accusing the U.S. president of treating Israel “as a problem rather than as an ally” in his addresses to the State Department and the AIPAC policy conference.

In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations Tuesday, Pawlenty lamented the Obama administration’s attitude toward the Middle East, saying “it breaks my heart that President Obama treats Israel, our great friend, as a problem, rather than as an ally.”

Tim Pawlenty - Reuters - June 28, 2011

Tim Pawlenty.

Photo by: Reuters

Pawlenty continued his criticism of the U.S. president, saying that Israeli – Palestinian peace is a more distant reality than “the day Barack Obama came to office”, adding that the U.S. president “doesn’t really have a policy toward the peace process, he has an attitude.”

The Republican presidential candidate claimed that Obama “thinks the answer is always more pressure on Israel”, accusing the U.S. president of having an “anti-Israel attitude”, adding that it is preposterous to think that the prosperity and freedom of countries undergoing upheaval in the region have anything to do with “how many apartments Israel builds in Jerusalem”.

The former governor recommend “cultivating and empowering moderate forces in Palestinian society”. Pawlenty predicted that “when the Palestinians have leaders who are honest and capable, who appreciate the rule of law, who understand that war against Israel has doomed generations of Palestinians to lives of bitterness, violence, and poverty – then peace will come”. (Oh Really?? What of settlements,especially Arial@Dead Center Hights@Nothh West Bank;Not next to any Jewish religious site;but statigically,about 32 years,sited to Block@Viable Palestine! Named after then Israeli Housing Minister,well before his Prime@then,already known@Headline News for his Sound Bite:As; "Grab hold onto & settle@All those Hilltops;Before those others do."
With about 20,000 pop.;infused with higher Eductional@+11,000 students;Focus point for delegitimize for Israel academia across Humanity.
Performing Arts,new,Center. Focus point for for delegitimize Israel Performing Arts across Humanity.
The John Agee,new, Sports & Recreation Center@Arial .
And Now; For my 1st time@posting on Arial;
(All;Say;Care to read a captivating 753 page,fiction paperback;Ending,including;Just staving off a mini-nuclear attack; Centered@Arial Synagogue ?
That's ,"Numberd Account" By Christoper Reich;Circa 1990 . That was one of the best paperbacks I found here to read.)
And there settlements expanding;Rendering for Viable Palestine 'A DARK SIDE for Humanity coming 'Joke.'
As Far rightist MK Danny Danon recently boasted:As; "PALISTINE,for them;Only on FACEBOOK.")

NJDC President and CEO David A. Harris said that “Pawlenty's constant misrepresentations of President Barack Obama's pro-Israel record are profoundly wrong and must stop immediately.”

Harris accused Pawlenty of ignoring Obama’s strong support for Israel, sending the world the wrong message in his claims that Obama holds an “anti-Israel attitude”. The NJDC president said that such baseless attacks “especially with this level of vitriol and empty rhetoric” send Israel’s enemies a dangerous message that the Obama administration “is anywhere but squarely in Israel's corner.”

He called for a stop to such “partisan games”, cautioning that they pose a potential threat to Israel’s security.


(My 'Free Spiriting@acumen@this post presntation has brought us Now to 3:10 PM@here.


I'll post@here to see how it projects for E-viewing Humanity.


To Life!=לחיים.          Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE


 G O O D    D A W N     &    M O R N I N G     A M E R I C A

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Disscussion: First I'll mention that the rabbi of my Haradi synagogue,Rabbi Adler,was driven to visit me here@yes. mid-morning. He told me that ALL@Haradi synagogue are waiting to see me.


Someone that I know will drive to here tomorrpw AM to drive me over there for this upcoming שבת= Shaboos (our Jewish Sabbath).


Meanwhile@'jour gems' what I 1st wanted didn't yet E-appear.


All remember that I used to sped around@Jerusalem on my bicycle. Well it seems the best solution from nerve-racking;


  • Published 01:46 30.06.11
  • Latest update 01:46 30.06.11

Oy Jerusalem

The trouble is that the more you feel like going to Jerusalem the more nearly impossible the mission becomes if you need to rely on public transportation.

By Neri Livneh 
(Get your tissues ready to sniffle;befoe E-exposing @ 
And so here,finally,E-esposed what I was 1st E@there seeking. Let's read@it together;
  • Published 01:46 30.06.11
  • Latest update 01:46 30.06.11

Israel has become a society of force and violence

What will Israelis think about when they are spoon-fed scary stories about the flotilla, if not about the use of force? Those activists want to kill IDF soldiers? We'll arise and kill them first.

By Gideon Levy

Are we listening to ourselves? Are we still aware of the awful noise coming from here? Have we noticed how the discourse is becoming more and more violent and how the language of force has just about become Israel's only official language?

A group of international activists is slated to sail a flotilla to the shores of the Gaza Strip. Many of them are social activists and fighters for peace and justice, veterans of the struggle against apartheid, colonialism, imperialism, pointless wars and injustice. Just stating that is difficult here, since they have already been described as thugs.

There are intellectuals, Holocaust survivors and people of conscience among them. When they fought against apartheid in South Africa or the war in Vietnam, they won admiration for their actions even here. But to say an admiring word now about these people, some of whom are elderly, who are risking their lives and investing their money and time for a goal they see as just, is considered treason. It's possible that some violent people have intermingled with them, but the vast majority are people of peace, not haters of Israel but those who hate its injustices. They have decided not to remain silent - to challenge the existing order, which is unacceptable to them, which cannot be acceptable to any moral person.

Yes, they want to create a provocation - the only way to remind the world about Gaza's situation, in which no one takes an interest unless Qassam rockets or flotillas are involved. Yes, the situation in Gaza has improved in recent months, in part because of the previous flotilla. But no, Gaza is still not free - far from it. It has no outlet to the sea or air, there are no exports, and its inhabitants are still partially imprisoned. Israelis who freak out if Ben-Gurion International Airport shuts down for two hours should be able to understand what life without a port is like. Gaza is entitled to its freedom, and those aboard the flotilla are entitled to take action in an effort to achieve this. Israel should be allowing them to demonstrate. For documentation.


But look at how Israel is reacting. The flotilla was described immediately, by everyone, as a security threat; its activists were classified as enemies, and there was no doubt cast on the ridiculous assumptions that defense officials are making and the press has lapped up eagerly. We haven't heard the last of the campaign to demonize the previous flotilla, in which Turkish citizens were killed for no reason, yet the new campaign has already begun. It has all the buzzwords: danger, chemical substances, hand-to-hand combat, Muslims, Turks, Arabs, terrorists and maybe some suicide bombers. Blood and fire and pillars of smoke!

The unavoidable conclusion is that there is only one way to act against the passengers aboard the flotilla: by force, and only by force, as with every security threat. This is a recurring pattern: first demonization, then legitimization (to act violently ). Remember the tall tales about sophisticated Iranian weaponry coming through arms-smuggling tunnels in Gaza, or those about how the Strip was booby-trapped? Then Operation Cast Lead came along and the soldiers hardly encountered anything like that.


The attitude toward the flotilla is a continuation of the same behavior. The campaign of scare tactics and demonization is what contributes to the violent rhetoric that is taking over the entire public discourse. For what will Israelis think about when they are spoon-fed scary stories about the flotilla, if not about the use of force? Those activists want to kill Israel Defense Forces soldiers? We'll arise and kill them first.

Now the politicians, the generals and the commentators are competing with one another over who can provide the most frightening description of the flotilla, who can most inflame the public, who can best praise the soldiers who will save us, and who can deliver the most pompous rhetoric of the kind one would expect before a war. One important commentator, Dan Margalit, has already waxed poetic in his newspaper column: "Blessed are the hands," he wrote of the hands that sabotaged one of the ships meant to take part in the flotilla. That's another thuggish and illegal action, one that wins immediate applause here, without anyone asking: By what right?

This flotilla, too, will not get through. The prime minister and the defense minister have promised us this. Once again Israel will show them, those activists, who's more of a man - who's strongest and who's in charge, in the air, on land and at sea. The "lessons" of the previous flotilla have been learned well - not the lessons of the pointless killing or the violent and unnecessary takeover of the ship, but of the humiliation of Israel's military.




But the truth is the real humiliation lies in the fact that naval commandos were deployed to intercept the ships in the first place, and that is something that reflects on us all: how we have become a society whose language is violence, a country that seeks to resolve nearly everything by force, and only by force.


(Mindfull to remind that שלום;transliterated to 'Shalom';The Israel Greeting & Hello & Goodbye;means 'Peace.'


GOD;It's said,"Watches over Israel.' Thus;understanably for what GOD sees,as above.For the,as present,upcoming DARK SIDE for Humanity@mid 'Billion+ Humanity Strike@Circa 11++ Realities & Capabilities.


Native U.S.;Engage@PRIORITY 1 LIFE,U.S. Triumphant,Middle East Life Redemption Plan;before for DARK SIDE for Humanity future,spins out of control!


To Life!=לחיים     Michael      PRIORITY  1  LIFE@International access 972;or Israel 0; Then; 50- 4113085 .


 G O O D    D A W N    approaching    A M E R I C A.

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22 June 2011 03:39
Today at 02:18

(Nationwide Drill note; @Warbling siren heard(@All Israel);,while finishing up my Headline above; I was wheeled to an ostensibly protected area on this 3rd floor,where I was moved from floor 5 yesterday;(this floor where synagogue,my E@Use & paperbacks on balance,providing me with better resonsive service) but I was wheeled a bit to far;unacceptably exposed to room windows;just about 30 feet .


This has been a Nationwide Protection Drill Excercise. Now back on E@11:35 AM.While for luch here@12:30 PM;This addition to my Manifestio shoud conclude my morning dedication@E today.)


15 June 2011 05:02

While;Day by day to month by month to years & decades; Israel's settlement expansion@West Bank;continues unabated;Denying Viable Palestine.


And if our U.S.@Democracy,effectivlely ,Seduced;thinks ;that leaving Israel to design Palistine;will solve anything.


That's Fallacy! Only leading to The DARK SIDE for Humanity;with near-term mass-terrorism;planned for U.S. Homeland,in revulsion;Billion + Humanity Strike;starting here@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities;Metastifying to Humany DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace!

(Till here@now:


What Damn right do I have to make such DARK SIDE for Humanity accussions ?


Simply;For@our Humanity advanced Recognings;even now@Circa 11;


(Mighty) Israel@continuing Expansion of Settlements;instead of allowing Independent Viable Palestine is growing percieved as if' A festering Sore to Humanity Preservation@Stability!   It must be countered; As Humanity Preservation@Stability Demands!


(Wed. morn. Wed, Jun 22, 2011   20 Sivan 5771 contiuence.)


MIGHT MAKES RIGHT once worked like a charm.


A familar example;


Around a Century & a half back: There was US concentrated@North East Mid-North America;with 'Expansion Urge' rife for West & South  to the Pacific Ocean.


But multitudes of American Indians,indegious on America,in the way!


So first we concocted a Spiritial Sounding legend giving impression that GOD wanted our US to expand Westward to the Pacfic Ocean.;


We called it ,'The Manifest Destiny'


Then;Convertaly our Sugeon General proposed to our US president,a plan to donate to American Indians Tribes 'Blankets for Winters warmth infused with 'Smallpox' ,lethal.


Such was implemented.  American Indian Tribes were decimated.  And;resultingly;our United States of Amrica had a much easier challenge to expand to 48 States;length & breath across to the Pacific Ocean.


Europe learned of this above,months later.  These were strange peoples.  It was a clear third of our world away,(when such really meant months of arduous & certainly without standing armies,to get to.  And 'The Moment had passed.'


illustrating clearly how 'MIGHT MAKES RIGHT' worked 'like a charm'@past .

(Wed. June 29,2011 segment begins.)


While Zooming the above Geo-Strategic situation to our advanced present would read as;


So our U.S. concentrated@NE Mid-North America;having Expansion urge towards the Pacific Ocean;With our Surgeon General divolging such a lethal donation Plan to our U.S. president;


Minutes after first getting wind of it,the Al Jazera North American correspondent Broadcasted on it to Humanity around the world.


From which the 140,000 Ex-paterites American Indians living in Pakestan were incenced!


Voicing threats,well able to carry out of asymmetric warfare &/or WOMD attack@Homeland America in reponce.


Our U.S. National Security Advisor knew of such@thereby advising our U.S. president NOT to persue the Sugeon General's Plan. As  accepted by our U.S. president.


Leaving our United States AMERICA to live happily on concentrated@NE mid-North AMERICA.


With this office closing on next hour@4 PM@here.

All I fnally today here say.


MIGHT MAKES RIGHT tossed into the dustpan of GEO-Strategic history!


RIGHT AIDS MIGHT is the new U.S. winning axiom for our new advanced age!


To Life! =לחיים      Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE


        G O O D    M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A


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Message from the Editor

There are popular ideas for what citizens have a right to expect from their government. Fairness, accountability, and progress have become buzzwords throughout a season of change in the region. In the Middle East, the chasm between the street and the ruling powers has been exposed for all to see.
With this issue we seek to bridge the divide through an examination of the role of local governance. What do municipalities and local councils do for people? How do those in public office serve their public?

 It has been heartening to discover that throughout the length and breadth of Palestine, public servants are working tirelessly to support and represent their communities. In these pages you will read about daring initiatives with great social value. We found space for critical eyes on the system and its flaws too, in the hope of providing a balanced picture.

 We have not limited the theme of local leadership to politicians. Community leaders, solidarity activists, and people who struggle to serve their neighbours are also honoured, along with institutions and forums that facilitate debate.

 Today it is people power that captures our imagination once again. A new flotilla is to sail to Gaza, with memories of the atrocities committed by the Israeli navy last year still fresh in our minds. The mission to bring relief for the besieged has faced the usual round of sabotage attempts, but Israel’s illegal blockade will come under harsh scrutiny and a spotlight it cannot bear.

 Such actions illustrate the possibilities for political involvement that we can all explore. Society functions with the active participation of its citizens at every level, working for shared ambitions. With this issue we hoped to provide a snapshot of how Palestine is governed, so that together we might improve it.



Road construction in Ramallah. Photo by Yousef Shakarne.
Photo by Majed Shla.
Ramallah. Photo by Zeina-Za’rour.

Trustworthiness in Palestinian Local Governance
By Rasha Alyatim
Palestinian local authorities, a.k.a municipalities and councils, are vital social organisations. They are more than service providers; they are builders of society and keepers of development. In our Palestinian context where higher and national authorities are dependent on unstable political whims, it is important for local authorities to be reliable organisations; competent and able to withstand the tides of political turmoil and deliver confidence and assurance to their citizens.

Naturally, when discussing local authorities we are discussing two components and the working relation between them: locals and authorities. Authority exists because locals have chosen its existence to manage collective issues of concern. It exists to serve the locals, to help them in meeting their needs, to guarantee the rights and interests of the group, and to manage the scale between the rights and interests of the group and the rights and interests of the individual. 
Naturally, when discussing local authorities we are discussing two components and the working relation between them: locals and authorities. Authority exists because locals have chosen its existence to manage collective issues of concern. It exists to serve the locals, to help them in meeting their needs, to guarantee the rights and interests of the group, and to manage the scale between the rights and interests of the group and the rights and interests of the individual. On the other hand, since locals are referees to the scope and nature of the authority’s duties and work, it is their responsibility to guide the authority in its work and decision making and facilitate its progress.It is important to realise that the general negative public perception of Palestinian local authorities and their competency does not reflect the reality.Palestinians believe that their local authorities are unfair, incompetent, and lack the necessary skills and resources to perform at acceptable standards. Palestinians may also use some creative and colourful language when describing and talking about their local authorities, often accompanied by real-life stories about family members, neighbours, and acquaintances who fell victim to the incompetency of their local authority. Happily, I am pleased to say, the reality is not like that at all.. Although local authorities, much like their locals, are not hesitant at all when talking about the shortcomings of locals, namely, their lack of loyalty, participation, and good citizenship. Local authorities, too, have a bag full of stories about citizens throwing trash from a car or the third floor of a building, and demanding access to certain services that they refuse to pay for.


Municipalities: Key Partners for Development

Local-level government in Palestine has had a long history. Since the Oslo Accords, municipalities have been assigned a clear role. They serve as part of the lowest level of governance, representation, and accountability for citizens. They also act as potential engines for development as they deliver several services.  Their importance is further emphasised by the urbanised nature of the Palestinian population, 74 percent of whom are urban dwellers who rely on services provided by 134 municipalities (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Population Survey, 2007).

Municipalities face several challenges in fulfilling their role. Municipal budgets have significantly declined over the last decade primarily due to the ongoing conflict, the contraction of the economy, poor municipal management, and a growing culture of non-payment especially since the second Intifada. The deterioration of municipal finances has led to a subsequent deterioration of service coverage and quality, ultimately impacting negatively on the quality of life of most Palestinians. Localities in areas B and C face additional challenges of obtaining permissions for development.

Municipalities - Enginers for Development
Construction of a new road in Hebron. Photo from World Bank Archive.

 Vineyard in Hebron. Photo from Palestine Image Bank











Ramallah. Photo by Khaled Jarrar.
Teaching students organic solid waste composting. Photos courtesy of Ramallah Municipality.
Students participating in the Ramallah Municipality tree-planting campaign. Photos courtesy of Ramallah Municipality.
Students planting in reused containers. Photos courtesy of Ramallah Municipality.

Building an Environmentally Friendly City

Despite being under occupation, Ramallah grows and thrives. Part of this progress includes caring for the environment. The city’s mission states: “We want the city of Ramallah to be beautiful, green, safe, clean, and environmentally friendly for the sake of all its residents, a city with a distinguished architectural style that preserves its cultural heritage and a city that believes in intellectual, social, and political pluralism.”

The Ramallah Municipal Council takes seriously its responsibility to ensure that Ramallah become a green city.

“Ramallah is a central city. It is the centre of the Palestinian Authority. It is an economic centre, a medical centre, an educational centre,” explained Mayor Janet Michael.

Global and local issues shape the Ramallah Municipality’s environmental policies. The effects of global warming are of great concern, and efforts to counter those effects are of great importance to the city. The Municipality aims to improve the environment by planting more greenery, protecting current greenery, instituting clean-up programmes, and carrying out awareness campaigns to educate city dwellers on the importance of taking care of the environment.

“We are aware of the environmental impacts on people’s lives. We want to create a healthy city. We want to reduce noise pollution, air pollution, and the dust from construction,” explained Sami Ewaida, head of the Ramallah Municipality City Beautification Section.




(My responsibility shouldn't be forgotten! Coming up presently;My E-Brush Up for continuence of my U.S. Triumphant@Humanity for Preservation:ME Life Redemption Plan Manifesto:today's chapter. (Now Expected,provided this Occupational  Therapy Office doesn't close up first.))

To Life!=לחיים     Michael         PRIORITY  1   LIFE

 G O O D   D A W N  approaching & M O R N I N G

            A  M  E  R  I  C  A



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  • Published 03:22 13.05.11
  • Latest update 03:22 13.05.11

Israel has to choose: Mideast peace or apartheid

The choice is not between Hamas and Israel; the choice is between settlement-colonies or states: between accepting two states with the 1967 border or maintaining an apartheid regime.

By Saeb Erekat
 The writer is the chief Palestinian negotiator.


Having all Palestinian political factions come together for national reconciliation was an emotional experience for all Palestinians who witnessed the events taking place in Cairo. The Arab Spring has finally reached Palestine. The left, the religious right, and the nationalist camp − across the Palestinian political spectrum − with the support of the new Egyptian government, reached an agreement to establish a technocratic administration in order to hold elections within one year and rebuild the Gaza Strip. This is a critical step in our path toward freedom and independence.

This ceremony was a representation of the will of our people. After the reconciliation ceremony, a young boy from Gaza was reported to have said, “I call on Fatah, Hamas and the rest of the factions to march hand in hand toward independence, to open and build our country.” From the mouths of babes come the most simple and powerful sentiments. In this case, that sentiment represents those of Palestinians everywhere, from Chile to Lebanon.

erekat - Dan Keinan - Dec 29 2008

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat in a file photo.

Photo  by: Dan Keinan


As President Mahmoud Abbas said in Cairo, with the establishment of a government of national unity, we will have closed one of the darkest periods in the history of our people.

Palestinians are looking forward now. We will continue to work hard on gaining international recognition for the State of Palestine in the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as its capital.



The choice is not between Hamas and Israel, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested. The choice is between settlement-colonies or states: between accepting two states with the 1967 border outlining the shape of the future for Israelis and Palestinians where real peace is possible, or maintaining an apartheid regime that will define our relationship with Israelis as one of oppressor and oppressed. We have clearly made our choice; we are waiting for Israel to do the same.

Only days before our national reconciliation, Prime Minister Netanyahu complained to the international community regarding the lack of a unified Palestinian government. He asked, “Shall I make peace with Gaza or with the West Bank?” To Netanyahu we can now reply, “You shall make peace with the State of Palestine.” Netanyahu may persist to find excuses why he will not negotiate in good faith with us, and we will persist to take our case to the United Nations.

Gaza is not to be regained by bullets but by the ballot box. The way to peace is through reconciliation and democracy. I hope that Israelis and the international community will stand shoulder to shoulder with us in order to support peace and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis by ending the Israeli occupation and consolidating a sovereign Palestinian state in the 1967 border.

by Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff
  • Published 11:47 27.06.11
  • Latest update 11:47 27.06.11

IDF prepares for possible escalation in run-up to vote on Palestinian state

As the Palestinian Authority officially declares it will petition the UN for statehood in September, the IDF holds a two-day exercise to prepare for possible clashes on its borders in the tense months ahead.

By Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff
Naksa Day - AFP - June 5, 2011

Demonstrators fleeing from Israeli army tear gas as they gather along Syria’s border with Israel near Majdal Shams during Naksa Day protests, June 5, 2011.

Photo by: AFP


Now@11:12 AM; Switching E-over to,for 'jour gems' that I've read from gifted recent past Jerusalem Post;


Bat mitzva girl donates her hair to wig for cancer patient

Salon owner calls on anyone with long hair to follow Keren Urzach’s example.






How to stop Israeli soccer racism

People should go to the games with their cellphones, video cameras and other gadgets, film the fans who are hurling filth and abuse and display it to the world.



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While Israel doesn't have to worry of that.For our U.S.@Democracy is,effective,Seduction,to ignore@that. If continuing,the DARK SIDE or Humanity will come@our future advanced era.Mass-Terrorism planned for our U.S. Homeland! Then Billion+Strike@starting here.Metastinating to Humanity DOOM level@U.S. Disgrace.


The Jerusalem Post on June 21st@Page 1 Top Left;

Yishai wants 'religion' on ID cards

Non-Orthodox converts wouldn't be defined as Jews


Yishai working to have ID cards state one's religion


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by Carlo Strenger
 ( Psychiatrist )
  • Published 02:03 24.06.11
  • Latest update 02:03 24.06.11

Israel is tearing apart the Jewish people

Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of liberal democracy, which dismisses identities of 85% of the world's Jewry.

By Carlo Strenger

In June last year, Peter Beinart published an article in the New York Review of Books that created quite a storm by pointing out the deep estrangement between the young generation of American Jews and Israel. A year later, it is time to take stock.

Unfortunately, the situation has only grown a lot worse. In my travels to Europe I speak to predominantly Jewish audiences, but also to non-Jews who care deeply about Israel. They voice their pain and anguish openly: They want to understand what has happened to Israel. They desperately want to stand by it, but they are, increasingly, at a loss of knowing how to do so.

Evacuating settlers in 2005.

Evacuating settlers in 2005.

Photo by: Nir Kafri

Their questions are simple. They know that Israel is located in one of the world's most difficult neighborhoods; they have no illusions about the Iranian regime or Hezbollah; and they know the Hamas charter. But they don't understand how any of this is connected with Israel's settlement policies, the dispossession of Palestinian property in Jerusalem, and the utterly racist talk about the 'Judaization' of Jerusalem. They feel that they no longer have arguments, even words, to defend Israel.

Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of liberal democracy. Never has a Knesset passed laws that are as manifestly racist as the current one. Israel has had foreign ministers who were unworldly and didn't know English; but it has never had a foreign minister whose only goal is to pander to his right-wing constituency by flaunting his disdain for international law and the idea of human rights with such relish.

Moreover, there has never been a government so totally oblivious of its relation to world Jewry. It passes laws that increase the Orthodox establishment's stranglehold on religious affairs and personal life - completely disregarding that 85 percent of world Jewry are not Orthodox - and simply dismissing their Jewish identities and their institutions. As a result, this majority of world Jewry feels Israel couldn't care less about its values and identity.

Israel's Orthodox establishment claims that by monopolizing conversion to Judaism and the laws of marriage, they are preventing a rift in the Jewish people. The exact opposite is true: It is Israel's turn toward racism that extends not only toward its Arab citizens, but toward Ethiopian youth not accepted into schools in Petah Tikva, toward Sephardic girls not allowed to study in Haredi schools in Immanuel, that most Jews in the world cannot stand for. It is the unholy coalition between nationalism and Orthodoxy that is tearing the Jewish people apart.

The overwhelming majority of American and European Jews are deeply committed to Universalist values, and have been so for most of their existence. This commitment is not a fad or an attempt to be fashionable and politically correct. It is the deeply felt conclusion the majority of world Jewry draws from Jewish history: After all that has happened to us, we Jews must never, ever allow violation of universal human rights.

This is why Jews in the U.S. have been central in the Civil Rights movement; this is why Jews in Europe will never forget that only Universalist liberals stood by Alfred Dreyfus in 1890s France. For most Jews of the world, it is simply unfathomable: How can we, who have suffered from racial and religious discrimination, use language and hold views that - as Israel Prize laureate and historian of fascism Zeev Sternhell argued - were last held in the Western world by the Franco regime.

For most of world Jewry, the idea of Yiddishkeit in the second half of the 20th century meant that Jews must never compromise on the equality of human beings before the law and the inviolability of their rights. So how can they stand by a state that continues to pay rabbis who argue that Jewish life has a sanctity that doesn't extend to gentiles, and that it is forbidden to rent property to Arabs? For documentation.


Then: Ending;

In moments of despair, I try to remember that Israel's move to the right is driven by fear and confusion, ruthlessly fanned by politicians whose hold on power depends on the panic of Israel's citizens. I feel it can't be true that the country that was supposed not only to be the homeland of the Jews, but a moral beacon, is descending into such darkness. I try to remember that such times of darkness do not reflect on the human quality of a whole nation; that countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal emerged from dark times into the free world; that even though the winds of right-wing nationalism are sweeping over Israel, it is still a democracy.

Sometimes, along with the majority of Jews committed to liberal and Universalist values, I feel as if I were simply in a bad dream; that when I wake up, Herzl's vision of a Jewish state committed to the core values of liberalism will be the reality.


To Life!=לחיים      Michael       PRIORITY   1   LIFE


   G O O D   M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A

   (while for me Now;It's GOOD NIGHT

          = לילה טוב )

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09:06 26.06.11

  • Latest update 09:06 26.06.11

Israel main source of terror, Iran and Lebanon say

Ahmadinejad and Lebanese FM meet to strengthen bilateral ties on the sidelines of International terror summit in Tehran during which Israel, U.S. blamed for deteriorating global security.

By Haaretz

 Ahmadinejad Adnan Mansour June 25, 2011

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad welcomes Lebanon's Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour in Tehran, June 25, 2011.

Photo by: Reuters

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour declared that Israel remains the main threat and a major source of terror and instability in the Middle East, Iranian Press TV reported on Sunday.

The two officials met late Saturday on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism in a bid to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.

The two-day international summit on terrorism opened Saturday in Tehran. The conference is attended by the presidents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Tajikistan as well deputy presidents and prime ministers from Lebanon and several other countries.

According to Press TV, Ahmadinejad reiterated his interest to implement agreements signed with Lebanon and to support the new government headed by Hezbollah-backed Najib Mikati.

The Iranian president addressed the Arab leaders at the two-day summit, saying both the Holocaust and the 2001 terror attacks were pretexts by the U.S. to put down Muslims and at the same time make huge economic benefits by spreading panic in the region. Ahmadinejad has often questioned what he called accepted truths.

"If the black box of the 9/11 incident and Holocaust were opened, then some of the truth would be exposed, but the United States does not allow this," Ahmadinejad said.

He said the roots of terrorism should be explored before it can be fought effectively, and blamed U.S. militarism for causing security to deteriorate.

Tehran argues that the most effective way to fight terrorism is to allow regional countries to take care of security and force foreign troops to leave the region. For documentation.


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 To Life!=לחיים   Sabbath  Peace=שבת שלום  Michael       PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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You can read this,as I was;when I was told that I'd get off@E soon.But wouldn't it be better if our U.S. was Engaged for alliiveating thif festored Sore@Humanity Preservation@here;that will be countered by our U.S.@Triumphant@Humanity by  after near half-Century of Israel Defiance@U.S. State,Just,Demand to Freeze@Settlements;so that Viable Palistine can rise.


Destroying the other cvountered@Circa11++ Realities & Capabilities for DARK SIDE for Humanity; Mass-Terrorism planned for U.S. Homeland@revulsion@near term! Billion+ Humanity Strike;starting@here@medium term@Circa11++! Then;Finally@DOOM level for Humanity@U.S. Disgrace?


Troop withdrawals don’t solve weaknesses in Afghan strategy

June 23, 2011
GIVEN ALL the economic, political, and military considerations President Obama had to juggle in deciding on the size and pace of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, his compromise of starting slow but removing all 33,000 of the original surge forces by the end of 2012 is the least bad option. Still, success in getting US forces out of Afghanistan will depend less on troop numbers and timetables than on a sound strategy for generating a political resolution to the insurgency. There is no other realistic way to achieve a tolerable level of security in the country. But such a settlement requires more than Obama’s hopeful vision of transforming the ragged Afghan army and corrupt police into effective guardians of security.

As part of a war-ending strategy, talks with Taliban representatives, which have already begun, should be continued. But those talks must be rooted in an understanding that any agreement on power-sharing will apply only to the primarily Pashtun regions of southern and eastern Afghanistan. The non-Pashtun groups that predominate in the north will never stand for a return of Taliban rule. The northerners, who maintain command of the Afghan army, would go to war to keep the Taliban out of their region — and might even stage a military coup to stop President Hamid Karzai from striking any such deal with the Taliban.

Obama’s war-ending strategy should allow for regional deals between local authorities and the Taliban. The capital, Kabul, will have to be off the table, however, and not only because it has become a hub of economic activity and modernization. It is bad enough that some Pashtun areas may come under the Taliban’s baleful influence. Under Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, there were practically no girls in school. Today there are about 2.5 million, and many of them are in Kabul. They and the tolerant, urban life of the capital must not be handed over to Taliban fanatics.


Mindfull of yesterday when I was wheeled away@seconds before I was going to post a Vital Alert for Humanity of our Oceans Life dying@next generation;that I'll recreate next week.


To Life!=לחיים   Sabbath  Peace=שבת שלום     Michael    PRIORITY  1  LIFE


           G O O D    D A W N    &    M O R N I N G         A M E R I C A


Blog Entry CommentsComments: 0 this morning,when I was brief@E ,While Now #3;

  • Published 10:11 23.06.11
  • Latest update 10:11 23.06.11

'Hezbollah preparing for war against Israel to protect Syria's Assad'

Sources close to the Shiite group say it is committed to deflect what it sees as a foreign campaign against Damascus.

By Reuters
Hassan Nasrallah speaking via video link near Beirut

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah addressing supporters on a giant screen during a rally near Beirut on August 3, 2010

Photo by: Reuters"> ;
  • Published 02:29 23.06.11
  • Latest update 02:29 23.06.11

All signs say Iran is racing toward a nuclear bomb

Iran's leadership is undaunted by the sanctions imposed on the country, or by the damage the Stuxnet computer worm caused to the program that operates the centrifuges at the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz.

By Yossi Melman  (Haaretz Intel Correspondent)

VIENNA - The procession of cars carrying Fereidoun Abbasi Davani sped down Vienna's Wagramer Strasse this Monday and into the underground car park of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Outside the building, on the bank of the Danube River, some 30 protesters from the Stop the Bomb movement demonstrated, waving signs denouncing the Iranian nuclear scientist. But Iranian security officers seemed more concerned about the prospect of someone trying to exploit Abbasi Davani's controversial visit to finish the job.

On November 29, 2010, anonymous assailants tried to assassinate Abbasi Davani as he emerged from his home in Tehran. He and his wife, seated next to him in the car, were hit by gunfire, but survived the assassination attempt. Iran blamed the Mossad for the failed operation.

Iran nuclear plant in Bushehr, AP

Technicians measuring parts of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant in this undated photo.

Photo by: AP

The assassins were more successful in a different attack launched that same day, which killed another nuclear scientist - Majid Shahriari.

The Iranians claimed that Abbasi Davani was nothing but an innocent physics professor. Intelligence sources countered that his university position was just a cover for his secret activity as one of the leading experts in Iran's weaponization, which is working on the final and decisive stage of developing a nuclear weapon under the auspices of the Revolutionary Guards. His name appears on the UN Security Council's blacklist, compiled after the council voted in March 2007 to impose sanctions on companies, organizations and individuals involved in Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. It also appears on similar lists compiled by the United States and the European Union, which ordered that his assets be frozen.


And for info.:What's now;



Nuclear experts killed in Russia plane crash helped design Iran facility

The five Russian scientists were among 44 killed earlier this week; no official investigation of foul play has been opened, though Iranian nuclear experts have in the past been involved in similar accidents.

By Amir Oren

The five nuclear experts killed in a plane crash in northern Russia earlier this week had assisted in the design of an Iranian atomic facility, security sources in Russia said on Thursday.

The five Russian experts were among the 44 passengers killed when the Tupolev-134 plane broke up and caught fire on landing outside the northern city of Petrozavodsk on Monday.

Russia plane crash

The wreckage of Tu-134 plane, belonging to the RusAir airline, is seen on a highway near the city of Petrozavodsk Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

Photo by: AP

The experts - who included lead designers Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Russia's top nuclear technological experts, Andrei Tropinov - worked at Bushehr after the contract for the plant's construction passed from the German Siemens company to Russian hands.

The five were employed at the Hydropress factory, a member of Russia's state nuclear corporation, and one of the main companies to contracted for the Bushehr construction.

The sources said that the death of the scientists is a great blow to the Russian nuclear industry.


YAHOO! Now@3:32 PM@my third E-try; It's gonna be posted. Yea!


To Life!=לחיים          Michael          PRIORITY  1  LIFE


 G O O D      D A W N       &       M O R N I N G    A M E R I C A

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Sorry I have a visitor. Take care. Rest well. I should be E-back later.


To Life!=לחיים  Michael    PRIORITY  1  LIFE

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